It’s been cooler of late, and since yesterday rather a smokey smell to the air.

I looked at alerts yesterday, but I only saw one for NC but assumed it had to be associated … there is an alert today for us today, FWIW.


In June 2011 new system installed in house. 3 Zones, digitally controlled. We suffered all year, it didn’t work well, it was too humid, uncomfortable and had frozen outside pipes often. Tweaked to death, over winter nothing happened. Spring, needed A/C and voila, same problems. Guy came out and FINALLY after hours of tinkering around decided to super pressure check and found a leak, outside the pipe going from house to condenser had a small leak in the solder … ACK!!! All that misery for one tiny hole which THEY did, and it had nothing to do with the actual equipment or our treatment of it, DAY 1 it showed signs of a leak but it COULDN’T be that, they intimated, never checking their connections, even when we complained of horrible freezing issues, lack of cooling to correct levels, too much humidity … on and on … just a freakin little solder fixed it. Urg … forever.

Don’t know what he can do, hope something. Just checked again, everything going down by 1, but … outside, super thick frost on the pipes going into the unit, starting again. Now off. I’ve already had it, but now I’ve had it.

I wrote about the HVAC here on my other blog yesterday.

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