Month: March 2003

  • Three New Items Added

    Yesterday I had Russell and Victoria make new pictures to scan for the web. Here you’ll find: Our House by Russell, and the flip side of that page: A Train Named Choo-Choo-Chug-A-Chug, also by Russell. Here you’ll find: “Paperdoll” by Victoria.

  • We now have a router for our network

    We got a Speedstream wireless dsl/cable modem router today. It installed seamlessly. Hopefully it will continue as such. It can connect up to 4 ethernet connected computers, and multiple wireless adapted computers. I have both ethernet and wireless adapters for my laptop. Both are working fine. So, now we all are sharing the DSL and […]

  • Whoo HOOO! Problem solved!

    I found a solution to the ICS problem with our DSL connection. I’m networked via an ethernet cable from the desktop, the DSL goes directly into the desktop, and I get it all via a LAN with Ethernet cable. It’s our cheap shorterm network. Anyhow, Dial-up, everything was fine. We got DSL on Friday, and […]

  • Victoria’s Art: A Scene, front and back

    Page 1 There’s a link to page two on page one.

  • Just for fun

    Here’s what my desktop looks like today. Win XP 1280x1024resolution. Taskbar auto-hide [that is why you might see a tiny blue line at the bottom of the picture if you look close enough] Who’s the picture of? Any guesses?

  • Faster internet at the Meints household

    The time has come when we finally have faster internet service. We were driving in another part of the county over a week ago, when I spied a little sign low, near the ground, on the side of road. It announced DSL service, via our local phone company, being now available. Well, we’ve been told […]

  • Pink, pink, pink!

    Light pink blossoms are opening up on the Yoshino Cherry trees out front. If all goes well, there will be clouds of white/pink from a short to far distance when viewing them. The trees are bursting with blossoms on nearly every inch of their branches. It’ll be raining, supposedly, often the next five days. I’m […]

  • Egg Report 2003

    See the Egg Report at the Henny-penny Egg Report … I’ve edited this post to refect the change, as I’m now [April 2003] using MT instead of Blogger Pro, as before I was using document.write method to include the egg report in this web log. Our Henny-pennies have their own page now, so please […]

  • Nest box built

    On Saturday Frank and I got the nest boxes built. We still have to mount the thing on the side of the pen, we’ll be hanging it on the side so that the roof of the pen is roof of the nest box, and so then the egg collection will be easy. As well, the […]

  • We have our first egg!

    We have storms moving through, last night and this morning there was lots of rain, and now it’s quiet, but rain still threatens. This was our first real thunderstorm of the year … tons of lightening throughout the night. It’s balmy now, in the mid 60’s, and very humid. So, I sloshed through the yard […]

  • Happy March 2003! Various subjects

    It’s been dreary raining here for the last few days, and for us, whether or not this “Northern” phrase applies — March is coming in like a lamb … it’s just blah rain, like drizzle. There was lots of blowiness to the weather over a week ago, now that was very much the proverbial LION […]