Month: April 2003

  • Rabbits

    We have a wild rabbit in the back yard. Frank told me about it the other day, and we both saw it this afternoon. The back of our yard is all high grass/weeds right now, and there are lots of thistle growing, towering over Frank, even. Somewhere there that rabbit has a hole or some […]

  • Iris, the photos

    I have the photos of the Iris that bloomed, our first iris blooming. It’s since faded, of course, but this was just the other week. Beautiful! Click “track back” below this post for the links.

  • Heat and Bird Feeder

    I went out in High Noon mostly-sunny Northeast Georgia mid-spring timing, this day that means in the high 70’s. To do what? Move the big cedar gazebo feeder. It’s a large feeder on top of a cedar pole that is secured by a stake in the bottom of the cedar pole. The original design has […]

  • Photo Log

    My Photo Log I have a new place for photos. Check it out. I’ll be loading all my photos there from now on, and will have references to them here from time to time [and some actual pictures], with links on the right-hand side of the page as well. I’m categorizing all things by year […]

  • Autumn Tree Pictures

    Pictures of these got deleted by accident when transferring things to different system of blogging. They will be reinstated in the near future — Note added when discovered “March 26 2005” — October Glory Maple – 2002: Photo 1 700Wx467H at 72 px October Glory Maple – 2002: Photo 2 467Wx700H at 72 px Japanese […]

  • Iris in bloom!

    The one lone iris bloom opened this morning! It’s gorgeous, and I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots with my camera. I finished the one remaining picture on that roll with the biggest blossom on one of our Cherokee Cheif Dogwood trees, a semi close-up. When these are developed, I’ll scan them in for this […]

  • My Desktop Today

    Here’s what my desktop looks like today. A mess, but a nice background! Click on the picture to see a pop-up full-size version of this Sepia-colored recent photo of Russell, Victoria, and Asa!

  • Plants

    We got some garden plants last night … and some flowering plants for the bern and where ever else they should go instead. For the garden, it’s just tomatoes, different varieties; and peppers, and some herbs, for now. We have work to do in the garden, adding composted manure and reworking the space. We began […]

  • Strider

    My buddy Strider: [click thumbnail for full-size pop-up image]

  • Safer Bluebird Nest

    We got an extender tube for our Bluebird’s house entry today. It might or might not work, depending on how the pair accepts it, or not. They’ve built a nest, but laid no eggs as of this morning. A man at the nature store we bought this at said it should be installed after the […]

  • We’ve had some Sun today

    We had sun this morning. The sun was coming up in the East, and the moisture in the air was so heavy, it was odd to look at, but a bright joy since the sun was right behind all that swirling mass of mist. By the time the sun was higher, clouds were circling back […]

  • Electricity

    Our master bathroom had a problem a few nights ago. I plugged the hairdryer in, something I usually don’t do for myself. This was for my self, and that means I was really wanting to use it! Anyway, to get back to the thing that happened, I plugged the hairdryer in and zap! A big […]

  • Fixing things up

    I’m fixing up the walls in one of the bedrooms. It’ll be Victoria’s room, eventually. It used to be Russell’s room and was a deep bright blue, very nice. But too many dings, holes, crayons and pens were added to it. Victoria had been in that room, in that state, for a few months, but […]

  • Mr. Bluebird in April 2003

    Mr. Bluebird sitting Just seconds later … Mr. Bluebird diving

  • Red-Bellied Woodpecker

    I saw the Red-Bellied Woodpecker of our neighborhood the other day. He was sitting on the fence when I looked to the left while I was on the deck. I hadn’t seen him since last year sometime. This morning Frank told me he’d seen him also, another time. Then later there he was, the Woodpecker, […]

  • Bluebird fights

    The Bluebirds are still working on their nest a bit. They are defending it also. Today the European Starlings were bothering them some. There has been a Northern Mockingbird hanging around close to the house of late. It lands on the railing of the deck and walks back and forth sometimes. Today it did that, […]

  • Nest in the Bluebird Box

    I checked the Bluebird box today. There is a nest inside! I checked a few days ago, nothing but a few pieces of dried grass. The other day I did see Mrs. Bluebird come out of the box, in particular. I’ve seen them sitting near the box often enough, but not alot of actual “in […]