Month: May 2003

  • Ladies Tea Party

    We had a Mother and Daughter Tea at our Pastor’s house today. Victoria and I attended. It was her first-time to a “tea party”. The little girls all had Raspberry Tea, and the “older girls” had a choice of at least four. I drank Irish Breakfast. I can’t recall the other names … so if […]

  • Clint Eastwood

    We’ve been watching more Clint Eastwood movies lately. I’ve liked them all along, but Frank wasn’t too keen on “buying” any DVD’s of them. He loves John Wayned movies, so that’s what we’ve been building a collection of for some time. At church a few weeks back we were discussing movies with some other folks, […]

  • Panoramic House Desktop

    I changed my desktop again, since I decided to have some fun with my cheap digital camera this morning. I went out back to one spot and took overlapping pictures to come up with a panoramic shot. It’s a cheap camera, and the exposure for each wasn’t very alike [I have no control over it, […]

  • What’s my Desktop like today?

    Here’s what my desktop looks like today: Win XP 1280x1024resolution. Taskbar auto-hide [that is why you might see a tiny blue line at the bottom of the picture if you look close enough] This is one of the Peony pictures from my Photo Log.

  • When they should leave the box …

    Judging from my previous posts about the Bluebirds this season, these new babies will be fledging sometime after June 6. I’ve picked that day as –day 13– after their hatching, so then I can expect fledging at *about* 17 days, but from day 13 on out monitor from further away so they don’t exit the […]

  • Northern Cardinals

    I was, just a little bit ago, looking out the front windows of the house and heard a lot of bird noise, high very squeeky stuff. So I went out on the porch, and a female Northern Cardinal flew out of the October Glory Maple, over to the Dogwood trees. The sound continued emmitting from […]

  • We have babies!

    I checked the Bluebird box today. My Mom and Els and Joel were here, so I wanted to show them the box and it’s contents. I thought I heard little squeeky sounds before I opened the door, and sure enough, there was a little fuzzy head with a wide open yellow beak! All four eggs […]

  • New Photos online

    I’ve added several pictures to my photolog. Here’s a sampling: Flowers … and … Mrs. Bluebird, and some other birds, all from this month of May 2003. Check it out here. Scroll down to the bottom for the most recent pictures. Feel more than free to leave a comment here, or there by any or […]

  • Our Maple is hosting again

    Our October Glory Maple tree, the one I’ve written about below, propagation, was new last Spring 2002. Installed as a large tree, it immediately was subject to hosting a Northern Mockingbird couple and their nest and youngun’s. That nest lasted all summer and into autumn and winter, and now in mid-spring is being overhauled by […]

  • Tornado Watch, again

    We are under a Tornado Watch until 8pm. We’ve had rain and cloudy skies mostly the last few days, but not that much rain, as we had the other week. This is Spring weather though, Tornado’s are ripe to form in these weather conditions.

  • Trees again

    I wrote about trees the other day, and must add something. I found two more young editions of the Maple, in the bern. Further along than the ones “I” have sprouted. I also have two other plants, in a similar stage of development, which I cannot place as to what they are, but they don’t […]

  • Growing trees

    I have two, actually now three, little October Glory Maple tree seeds germinating. I, on a whim, sometime in the last couple of weeks, put some that I’d found on the ground, where the tree lives in the front yard bern, into a little dish and filled it with water. My methodology was based only […]

  • New Hen Photos

    New photos of the hens. We have four new hens. Click photo to go to the category page for the Henny-pennies. I add the pictures today, May 12, 2003. They were taken [today] with our cheap digital camera, so aren’t particularly wonderful, but they are utilitarian enough to be useful to look at. Our new […]

  • Today’s Weather is Lovely!

    It’s been muggy and hot lately. Yesterday afternoon it actually got a bit cooler, and the humidity wasn’t as bad. Today, it so much better, and breezy and sunny and blue skies with a few clouds. It’s a nice Spring day. Humidity and me don’t get along. Stuffy nose, frizzy hair, melted energy … add […]

  • Mrs. Bluebird Sits

    There were four eggs in the Bluebird nest the last time I was able to look at it without the Mama bird in it. She, Mrs. Bluebird, began her sitting season a few days ago. So it’s four or five eggs in the clutch. I went that day to take a picture of the eggs, […]

  • Storms and stuff

    We’ve had bad storms all week, which is also the reason this site has been down since Monday night, if y’all have been checking. It’s good to be back, updating pages again! We had Tornado Watches and Warnings off and on, and Flood Watches, Warnings, Flash Flood Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm, etc … all of it, […]

  • More Bluebird news

    Yesterday, Wednesday, I checked the Bluebird box, and in the nest were 3 beautiful blue eggs. I haven’t checked again today yet. I probably will later this evening, after watching the box for the parents a while.

  • Good news in the nest!

    Our Eastern Bluebird pair have finally laid a beautiful blue egg! It’s gorgeous! I just checked them, since they’ve been hanging around their box more today. They both left and went to sit on an adjacent fence. So out I trotted and found the nest NOT empty. What a joy that was. I’m pulling for […]

  • Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

    I just saw a female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in our backyard and in the feeder. It’s a first for me to see one of these birds, and therefore to see one at this property. For birders, life-lists sitings are exciting. So, I’m excited, for me needless to say, but to let y’all know, it’s a very […]

  • Carpet, going, going …

    We’ve moved stuff around in the house. I ripped out most of the carpet in the ‘livingroom’, the only remaining is what’s under the entertainment armoire. It’s just too big and heavy to do anything with by myself, and not worth enlisting Frank to do anything about it, unless we would be moving it all […]