Month: June 2003

  • Good Things going down

    See my first post for today on my Eggreport. Something different happened when I first checked the hens today. Then see my second post for today on my Eggreport. Something really big happened today, and something cool too. Which is which? Interchangeable, I’d say! Post comments here and there, or anywhere!

  • Lightning

    This was an interesting tidbit to read. I usually don’t post articles, but this one is worth it, and I can’t see that I’ll be able to find it in the future on Accuweather. Here’s the link, in any case, to the column, this one or another one by Joe Sobel. Joe Sobel’s Column […]

  • City vs. Country: Heat – Headlines “Many people notice that the city seems hotter than the suburbs during a heat wave. This is not just imagination. In the city, the sunshine rapidly heats rooftops and blacktops, which in turn heat the air. Outside of the city, there is a lot more soil and vegetation. The sunshine encourages water […]

  • Fireflies

    We are expecting it to rain anytime, accoring to the radar it should be raining 😉 At any rate, it’s after dusk and I was outside and noticed a few lights flashing here and there around the fence in the back yard, under the Locust Tree. Sure enough, it was Fireflies! Sounds like a silly […]

  • Building Time

    I was looking out the back door and noticed something moving in the Maple in the East part of the yard, directly ahead to the left a bit. I got out my binoculars, and sure enough, in the tree was a Northern Mockingbird, building a nest. I went out and looked at it a little […]

  • PHP in use now

    Note to everyone: I’m beginning to use PHP on my pages, so all the pages related to this portion of my site, i.e. this WEBLOG, are now in .php Any previous pages that you’ve saved links to are still on the server, for now, but if you REALLY want to be sure and save the […]

  • Stylesheet and Temlates fix for IE and NN problems

    I’ve worked on my stylesheet and templates for comments … and I’ve worked out all the problems. One fix I heard of was to make the .blog class in the stylesheet to not reflect any background color. [i.e. take out: “background:#FFF”] I did that, and it helped, but the whole gray bordering made the comments […]

  • Classic 50’s

    Here are two photos from my Mother. She sent them via snail mail, and I recieved them this morning. They were taken in the early 1950’s in NE Maryland, a farm, and a cow posing for my Mom. I scanned them in at a high resolution to get a larger online version than the original […]

  • New photos on My Photo Log

    Check out today’s Photo Log entries. I was able to load up my May 1999 photos of Victoria. She was a sweet little baby back then. I’ve added “Daily” archives to my Photo Log, which is what kind of page the link above is. I haven’t added it into any of my “archive” indexes yet […]

  • DSL Hassles

    Our DSL has been acting up the past three days, including today. It just came on a few minutes ago for the first time today. Yesterday it was out a lot and the it all started the day before that. The problem is … I have no idea. The troubleticket that Alltel, our host, had […]

  • The sky today

    The sky today. See individual entry for a bigger version.

  • Named!

    Our new kitty has a name now. St. Foster, or “Foster” for short. What does it mean? St. stand for “Stephen”. Stephen Foster, composer from the 19th Century … Southern songs.

  • Crash, Crack, rain, boom

    We just had a fantastic thunderstorm. It was super dark gray to the NW, and you could feel it coming. I looked at accuweather’s animated radar, and it was incredible to see it grow and move right towards where we live. I watched most of it from the front porch then, with children and Frank […]

  • The Babies have Fledged!

    My Eastern Bluebird babies have fledged their nest. Yesterday they were in there, evidenced by their Mama and Papa feeding them, and the noise of the babies whenever their parents checked on them. I’ve not been watching the nest box this morning. So, I was outside getting eggs and decided to check on the babies. […]

  • Garden Update

    It’s hot out. Despite that, when checking for eggs, I nearly always go and pick around in the garden. From now on I need to be sure and have a long sleeve over-shirt on. I can see freckles on my arms that were not there this morning. I always put on my wide-brimmed hat when […]

  • New kitty in our house!

    We picked up our new kitty yesterday. It’s a 7 week old brown, black, and tawny stiped male. He’s so cute. Curtesy the Greenewald family of our church. Out of Bloomer, he’s one of a litter of 5. One female that looked similar, though more tawny than black, and three male versions of red (orange) […]

  • Plants, plants, plants

    Our Patio Peach tree didn’t make it. We planted it new this Spring, root shock did it in. We bought it at Pikes, who guarantee their plants. So we had a store credit, fine with me! We bought lots of nice little plants today with that store credit. Some new Gehrber Daisies to complement the […]

  • Birds of late

    Over the weekend the Hummers began coming to our feeders, visual sightings, that had been infrequent at best since migration this Spring, began to be more usual, with today being a day of acrobatic two-some between two young male RT’s. It’s a rainy day today. Warm and muggy, with the rain stopped for now. I […]

  • My Garden is getting bigger

    This past weekend Frank and I turned out another piece of ground for our garden, it’s now in a sort of L shape. I have planted some green “bush” beans, and plan to plant some stringless green climbing beans at the end of that parcel. In-between the beans are more tomatoes. I’ve never had as […]