Month: November 2003

  • Strider: 3rd Update

    Last night on the way to the evening service of our church we pulled out of our subdivision, turned, went to the corner to turn again … and straight ahead in the bushes, there sat a White Leghorn “preening” it’s self. Odd. We live in the country, there are chickens all around, but never once […]

  • Strider: 2nd Update

    It’s now after 5pm on Saturday, and Strider has not come home yet. I continue to call for him out front and out back, and pray for his return. He is just nowhere that we can figure. It’s just something I wasn’t prepared for, this cat who “seemed” to love me as much as I […]

  • Strider: 1st Update

    Strider hasn’t come home yet. I’ve nearly given up hope. It’s been more than 24 hours since he’s been missing, already. Today we left flyers at the two vets in the town near us, and at the county animal control shelter, filled out a missing animal report there as well. I’ve listed an ad online […]

  • Windy Night, missing pet

    Last night was very gusty, and it rained heavily off and on. Around 2am I heard a pup whine, then a few minutes later, a big “bark!”. So I went downstairs, only to find the deck door standing wide open. It must not have been properly latched. The wind was rather fierce. When I got […]

  • Friend or Foe, what it comes to

    Cats and puppies: A listing of friend or foe Cats – 6 Samantha — 11 year old petite black cat. Not interested in the puppies at the least. Princess — 11 year old big fat tuxedo [black and white] cat. Will watch the puppies from a distance, as long as the pups are in their […]

  • Puppies “First Walk”

    We took the puppies for their first “leash walk” this evening. Gretchen was fairly good with it, happy to do it mostly. Lothar was loath to do it. I walked him at first, and it was more like a steady pulling him is what I did. Frank took him then, and eventually Lothar did some […]

  • Puppy Photos

    See our puppies first photos starting here. or alternatively, click on the photos below. Gretchen Lothar

  • Our Puppies — Update

    Our puppies weighed 16.6 and 15.5 lbs respectively at the Vet, that’s female and male order. Gretchen is the female, and Lothar is the male. The vet estimated that they were about 9 or 10 weeks old, sticking closer to 9. That’s about what I thought, giving them up to 3 months, but thinking they […]

  • Dog Days of Summer –in November?

    It’s been hot the last week. Very “un-November-like” Add muggy to it yesterday and today, and understand that I might as well be in a jungle, minus the tropical zap. This kind of hot and humid just is icky and make ones cranky. We are without A/C now too, so that just makes it nearly […]

  • Router troubles fixed

    I nearly went mad [crazy] tonight when working with my network Router. I applied a new firmware upgrade, and the whole network went sour. Each computer said it was connected to the network, but not the internet and couldn’t talk to each other nor print on the network printer, though all the lights on the […]