Month: December 2003

  • Finally sick, figures.

    We’ve all had colds, light ones, since a day or so before Christmas. Well, they progressed to just drippy and sneezy and scratchy throat off and on for us, but for me, it’s gotten worse since Saturday. That evening I was feeling worse, and also had felt allergic more than sick, so I took some […]

  • Strider is doing better

    After the last update here on Strider, I let him stay in the bathroom cabinet and just checked on him frequently and tried to get him interested in food. Well, I was able to force him to eat some hamburger, but HE didn’t do it unless it was in his mouth and if I didn’t […]

  • Return of the King

    Today Frank and I saw Return of the King at the theatre. It was excellent. Several others from Church got together, and we went with them. It was a mid-afternoon showing. Our children stayed with a Church family, they had lots of fun. Afterward we all went to that home and had Chili and a […]

  • Strider is sick, but with what?

    My poor Strider. He was back for 2 1/2 weeks when something funny happened. The other night I fed them, then went to bed. I saw Strider chipper and doing great, dragging a chicken frame into the corner to chow down. Good behavoir. Sometime during the night I heard some kind of cat heaving, but […]

  • Wintry Weather — sort of

    I have always viewed “winter” as starting about Thanskgiving, or maybe a week later, when anywhere other than in Florida, where I’ve lived. I know that the actual season begins with the winter solstace, later in December, but the weathe distinctiveness lulls me to the Winter feel early. As it does for many, I suspect. […]

  • Ebay again

    My first Ebay buy came in the mail today! On Dec 2, I found a pair of shoes for Victoria, the size I was looking for, the brand, and the exact same finish and style as I was hoping to find, ones that are like her current too-small dress shoes. It was a new listing […]

  • My Intro to Ebay

    My sister has been Ebay-ing for a long time. I finally got serious and did something this past weekend. I watched a few auctions for a bit, got AuctionTamer, and started using that to track auctions, and found a few things I wanted. Did I then bid on anything? No. I am a sniper. I […]