Month: January 2004

  • Recent Listenings

    UPDATE: NO LONGER SHOWING RECENT LISTENINGS ON THIS BLOG no FTP support … and no desire to figure out another way for now. Today is December 7, 2004, and it’s been a few months or more since haven’t had “recent listenings” going. Thanks! ————————————- I’ve been working on getting a recent listening from my computer […]

  • Plumb tuckerd and tickled

    Well, it’s been hard work today. I was in the garden and that’s just something wearisome in late-January (I started to type “mid-January, and realize we are at the end already! Where’d it go?!!!). Un-accustomed to that bent position, since I hadn’t “really” done it since June 2003, I dare say, I grew tired fast. […]

  • Ice Storm

    On Sunday late afternoon, the rain on trees started to turn to ice. So, we finally had an ice storm. It was mild here, the roads were mostly safe, as far as we know from what we experienced. Everything was frozen through this morning, only melting as the morning warmed up finally. One and a […]

  • Archive Heirarchy Changes

    I’ve just changed my archiving method. If you have a link to anything I’ve written before, it’s changed now. My Individual archives are dirified by title and in category folders, meaning: Say I have a post on “January 1, 2004” and it’s titled “Happy New Year” and it’s main Category is “Holidays and Celebrations” it […]

  • New Photo Log

    I’ve been working on a new Photo Log. I’ve imported most everything into the new setup and now have it in the place of the previous one. Referrers on it are new, they didn’t transfer, so page views and referrer links are starting from scratch. This photo log is just the same in how I […]

  • Updates and rambling talk

    I had trouble with something on the server, so my sites have been partially to totally down due to dependence on the thing I had trouble with. It’s back up and working now. 🙂 I found what happened to our pullet. The puppies got her. I have a page I constructed for that occassion here. […]

  • Our new pullet is missing

    My new chicken, the pullet I got a week ago, got out of the pen today, while we were at church. The wind blew the top metal panel off of the pen, the four hens that were in there with the new pullet were still in the pen, but new pullet was missing. She did […]

  • Mild Weather and trees

    We’ve hit another mild spell in the weather. It was in the high 50’s to low 60’s on Monday (I say today, since I’ve yet to fall asleep 🙂 ) Tomorrow (really “Today” Tuesday) it’s supposed to reach 63 degrees F. The low overnight tonigh should be down to 38, and that is so much […]

  • Henny Update on Egg Report

    Check out my Egg Report for an update on what’s happening in our Henny Penny world. Henny News

  • Smilies

    Smilies are now available on this weblog 🙂 I have four available for use in the comments, smile, lol, sad, and wink: as clickables. 🙂 😆 🙁 😉

  • Changes on Weblog and Photo Log

    I’ve done some work on this weblog, as well in my Photo Log. In this weblog, I’ve done some coding so that when I write a post, fully typed out links are autolinked as hyperlinks to open in new windows, and the same for anyone who posts a comment — just type out from http […]

  • Cold, cold, cold

    It’s been like Spring, really what I’d like to call “Summer” if only Summer would be so nice, around 70-74 as a high, mostly in the high 60’s usually for daytime temps. I digress … It’s been around 70 or higher some days the past week, with temperature getting down in the 50’s at the […]