Month: May 2004

  • 2nd Nesting of 2004 coming to a close

    I checked the Bluebird Box this week, and the eggs were warm each time, and still intact. The last check I did was Saturday. I didn’t check today, Sunday, but will first thing tomorrow, that’s Monday, Memorial Day in the USA. Hatching should have occurred already, so I sure hope there are baby birds in […]

  • When you feel like

    I feel like posting but have nothing much to say. So this is it!

  • WP and Category Lists

    wp_list_cat and the children attribute

  • Some Word Press stuff

    I’m not sure I’ll be using Word Press entirely, though I’m trying to work it out that I do like it enough to do so 😉 One thing is, with MT I had customized my archive paths entirely to be easy to use based on date or category. Movable Type is a static setup. WP […]

  • 2nd Nesting of 2004

    The Bluebirds did make a second nest, and laid 4 beautiful blue eggs. I didn’t take any photos this time. They look just like photos of the first nest this year, minus one egg 😉 It’s near time for this clutch to hatch. If I recall correctly (which I highly think I am doing so) […]

  • It rained today

    It’s not rained for a few days, always threatening at some point in the day at least once though. Today it finally rained. Relief, sort of. It was hot and muggy early today, a sure sign it SHOULD rain. After it rained, during as well, it cooled down, but not too soon of course it […]

  • I’m using Word Press now

    I’m using WordPress for my weblog now (just this part of the site, so far). You can find my old one below. Old MT Weblog All content from Tuesday, May 18, 2004 and previous is there, comments are also there, but not available to be commented on any more. Entire content of the old weblog […]

  • Who is John Galt?

    My eBay shipment came yesterday. Here goes another one … another what? There is great confusion in the world, as in “Who is Dink?” Is Dink the Bears in the Attic bear that I bought in the early-mid 90’s, and loved him to “non-new looking”? That bear is a big bear. (16-inches?) I don’t have […]

  • I Found my favorite bear on eBay!

    We bought a bear at Dillards years ago. A teddy bear, that is. I love teddy bears, but haven’t had many in my lifetime, up to then, that is. So we saw this teddy bear in Dillards and it was just classically my kind of thing. I slept with it, yes, as a married adult, […]

  • Bad News and Good News

    The Bluebirds first clutch of eggs (5) for 2004 did not hatch, so I removed the nest and eggs on Saturday, May 1, 2004.They were warm the day before, but cool on that day. It was many days past when hatching should have already occurred. Yesterday, May 5, 2004, I checked the box, and there […]

  • Peter Pan (2003) on DVD Today!

    Peter Pan is being released on DVD today. I’m sorry it didn’t do better in the theatres, but now that it’s out on DVD I am hoping it’ll gain better audience approval. It’s a really nicely done version for the whole family, and IMO very watchable, where as I can NOT watch that horrid D-version […]

  • Testing code

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