Month: August 2004

  • Autumn and Winter clothing from eBay

    My recent eBay purchases are filtering in. Today I expect a LOT of sweaters for Victoria. Just a while ago the HUGE LOT of clothing 4T for boys was dropped off. Fast shipping, incredible deal as well. The clothing is superb and JUST RIGHT for our dear Asa. The colors in person are him 100%. […]

  • Whole Grain Egg Strata

    Whole Grain Egg Strata

    Egg Strata Ingredients: 1/3 loaf of whole mixed grain bread, cubed 7 eggs ½ cup milk or cream 2 cups grated sharp cheese 1 to 1-1/2 cups chopped or sliced and sautéed ingredients to include: Vidalia onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, chopped green chili pepper, or other as you may desire. Spray an 9 by 13 […]

  • Either/Or Movie Edition

    Found here: EITHER/OR Movie Edition Rules: Choose one or the other, no boths. Neither is only acceptable if you don’t have any information on either option. Feel free to provide reasons, excuses, defenses, diatribes. Matinee or Late-Night Showing— not often at the movies, but matinee near end of run is our favorite Full Theater […]

  • Either/Or Literary Edition

    Found via … carmon friedrich’s blog … sherry before that … ORIGINAL LOCATION: — go straight to the source for the cleanest copy! 🙂 I’ve fitted my version out with li and /li and br so that each line of the “quiz” is bulleted, any responses I have are right under that line beginning […]

  • Shopping 🙁 eBaying 🙂

    UPDATE [Thursday, August 26, 2004 6:00pm Eastern]: I got a nice lot of clothes for Asa last night as well. A “one fell swoop” of what he needs for autum-winter. Earlier times pass downs from Russell worked alright if the season was right for size, as Asa is smaller than Russell was … born in […]

  • 12th Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary to us! Twelve years ago today: August 22, 1992 the couple was married in the afternoon at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in South Florida, as Hurricane Andrew was bearing down on the coast … no one knew where it’d hit, and the bride and groom didn’t even know it existed. It ended up […]

  • Samantha Ezmerelda

    My dear friend Samantha died on Thursday. I wasn’t with her. She died alone in the bathroom. I’m so sad about it. Frank buried her on Saturday, first opportunity for such. I was napping, not feeling well. I saw the hole after I awoke, but then only had interaction with Russell, who informed his Daddy […]

  • Canned Air works seeming miracles

    Within the last couple of weeks I finally got some canned air for the computers. Both my laptop and the desktop were having heat related problems. Desktop, it was a new problem, just started whizzing out. I cleaned of the heatsink with a tool and that improved it until I could get the pressurized air […]

  • An Adventure in Hennydom

    I went to feed the hens this morning and through the discovery of something amiss, and my insane desire to get it straightened out by myself, I ended up in the backyard yelling for Russell to come help me, as blood dripped and ran from totally bloody left hand. Holy cow does it hurt! My […]

  • Bluebird babies are hatched!

    I checked them today and there were four sweet newly hatched baby Eastern Blue birds. They are small and all look fine. I can’t be sure when they began hatching but if Mama Bluebird began sitting on July 26, then twelve to thirteen days would mean they hatched yesterday or this morning, though I noticed […]

  • Edublog

    I’ve recently begun a home schooling blog, it’s under education on this site. See the link on the left right under “On-Site Links” as well.

  • Happy First Day of August!

    August has begun. July surely went fast, more so that last year, both me and DH think. Well, though I don’t want to wish away time, I certainly do wish for cooler temperatures that Autumn will hopefully bring. Also, readers please keep us in your prayers for answers to our $ situation, and a possible […]