Month: September 2004

  • Crashing the show about Crashing the Parties

    PBS was supposed to be airing a show last night or tonight, depending on location and station, called “Crashing the Parties 2004”. Hmph, it didn’t air on any of the stations we can get. We have DirecTv again now, and at least two local PBS stations. It irks me since PBS has it online as […]

  • Ode to the Ale – A Poem

    Ode to the Ale By Marysue Meints* Crazy Maisy loves Corsendonk Pale Red Tail, Red Brick, ale, ale, ale! Give me a brick and a tail, and a tale Abbey, micro, [home?] brewing ALE! ALE! ALE! * a.k.a. Crazy Maisy © 2004 I wrote this poem Saturday, September 18, 2004, on a whim. That’s the […]

  • Jeanne, Jeanne the water machine

    Jeanne was here and now gone. Tropical Storm Jeanne is the third such type of storms in the last month to go through North Georgia. We really needed the rain! Thanks be to Almighty God for his provision. I understand that it will seem I’m endorsing the destruction that came before … but I’m not. […]

  • Me Big Eyed!

    😀 Oh it was funny! Just a minute ago, I’m sitting here reading something on another site, and Russell came up the steps from the basement and was standing there and tried to get my attention. I looked at him, he proceeded to show me how to do a loop. Shaked his body back and […]

  • Virus/Cold and stuff

    I’m feeling miserable. Asa was first in line. A few days before his birthday he sounded kind of stuffy, and worse each day, and is now doing better. I, on the other hand, began feeling weird a few days after his birthday, and have been drowning in it badly since Saturday. Initially I only had […]

  • Ivan’s rain

    Ivan’s rain yesterday came in sheets. Firstly it was misty sprinkling, wind making sprinkling misty, then heavier sprinkling, then the rain really came down in torrents and sheets. It was wonderful to watch. The wind beat and howled at the back of the house. That would be wind coming from the South, then, as we […]

  • Ode to September 2004 Storms

    Ivan came and sang at our door Four- inches or more from Frances, just the week before Four-inches or more from Ivan, this is very true We needed rain, God sent these storms We’re overfilled But happily so The earth soaked up that water blue Frances, she wailed and weeped ‘oh please come out and […]

  • End of Summer Organizing

    My computer, the desktop, has sparked a Re-Organization, which I’d say is akin to what’s known as “Spring Cleaning”, just not “cleaning” –but moving around, throwing away, re-doing this and that –cleaning automatically happens with such as that. 🙂 My User Profile seems to have gotten mussed up somehow. I was getting Blue Screen of […]

  • Our Frances Experience

    It started raining after we went to bed. Maybe around midnight, or after. It was after that I remembered, oops, the dog is still out in his kennel. So we had to get out of bed and put him in his crate in the basement. We also had to shut all the windows due to […]

  • Tropical Storm Frances in Georgia

    Former Hurricane Frances, now Tropical Storm Frances, has been overhead all day, her Norther Tail, that is. It’s been breezy and gusty, nothing bad yet, just very much more “windy” than any given day. Overcast with the low flowing tropical formation clouds, making it all seem surreal, as in a sci-fi movie, sort of. Hurricane […]

  • Frances and Ivan

    Hurricane Frances made landfall around 5:30am this morning, Stuart, FL area. The hurricane force winds extend out quite a bit, so you can be far from the eye and it’s still bad. We are praying for y’all! She’s a big one. Once she tracks further west and north it’ll be interesting to see what becomes […]

  • Frances

    Storm Buff that I am, here’s some more on Frances and friends. Frances is looking, according to forecast models, to go up through Alabama now, not even close to NE GA as originally forecasted … so how much rain will we get? It’s debateable from this distance, with Frances still not even over the coastline […]

  • Drudgery Day

    See here the map, and see why I’m blah, blah, blah. Give it time to load … [492 kb] once it loads it’ll go through it’s pretty cycle.

  • My First Boyds Bear

    My first Boyd’s Bear was purchased in 1995, I think, at Dillards. I didn’t know he was a Boyd’s Bear, only that he was very cute and so we bought him for me. I love Teddy Bears, but hadn’t much of a collection, just a few odds and ends. Mr. Teddy Bear 1995 was to […]

  • A series of End of August Asa

    Here is Asa, wearing a new outfit. It’s part of the HUGE eBay Lot I got for him. This series of photos was taken the day it arrived. He was anxious to wear something out of it. The socks are the only thing visible that we already had. 🙂 The shirt has a graphic of […]