Month: January 2005

  • Some Icy Pics

    Icy Pictures from January 29, 2005 (morning). Ice Storm hit the SouthEast part of the US.

  • It’s heeerrrreee!

    I’ts evening now, and dark is setting in, and the rain has begun … um, but it’s not water, it’s tiny ice pellets. Forecast/current conditions has us at 34 degrees F. right now with 27% humidity and a feels like of 20 degrees F. with winds from the East at 16 mph. They say rain/ice […]

  • Ice Storm Cometh

    Brrr. It’s cold again. It was so nice the last couple of days. I was wearing a summer dress yesterday. Day before too. Now it’s back to BRRRR! There is a Winter Storm Warning for our area. Should be rain coming later today, and with plummenting temperatures, Ice or Sleet or a Mix, and maybe […]

  • January 26, 2005 Hair Length

    Hair: Today [January 26] I took a photo of the Back of Victoria to document her hair length. Then I had Frank take one of me just the same. Victoria has very smooth straight hair. (I’ve taught her to comb it every day, but she doesn’t, so when I notice, as today wanting to photograph […]

  • Many Things in One Post

    This is my “many things in one post” post. Weather, books, hens, wild birds, etc. The weather has turned mild again. Yesterday it was warm enough not to need a fire upon waking. Last night was warm too. It’s currently in the mid-50’s, and that’s without the sun’s aiding. It’s been mostly cloudy, morelike “light […]

  • It’s coming …

    It’s cold today. Yesterday it was too, but the sun was out in full force. Overcast here today. So it’s decidedly colder feeling in the house today. Here is our Fireplace from just a few minutes ago: Ah, nice and warm. Well, IT is. Being right by it is toasty. 😉 But I have a […]

  • Cold Day – thinking ahead

    On days like today we keep a electric space heater running in the “family room” which is the “basement” just a walkout space, a slab as otherwise known. On the main floor, over a crawlspace, we have to keep a fire going in the “dining room” which is what “is supposed to be the Living […]

  • Eggs for Jan 23 2005

    1-23-2005 Egg Count: No eggs again today. [None yesterday: Jan 22 🙁 ] Total Eggs: 0 Don’t blame them today. It’s COLD! It was 19 degrees this morning when we finally got out of bed. Too cold to get up early. We were up by 9:30am. Wind chill was 7 degrees. Windy Cold day. How […]

  • The Kitchen Dream/Reality

    In our CONTINUING effort to organize … we took the center stacking unit out of our master closet and put it in the long closet in the room the two boys share. It’s a regular closet, just a double-long type. Our master closet is a small walk-in. All our closets were fitted out with wire […]

  • Eggs for Jan 22 2005

    1-22-2005 Egg Count: Total Eggs: 0 Frank and I just went out and checked for eggs, and there were none. That was 1:00 PM. The weather is rather nasty. It’s foggy/hazy very wet mist all the way to the ground, with everything coated with a light wet film of water. The air is supposedly 37 […]

  • Eggs for Jan 21 2005

    1-21-2005 Egg Count: 12:10 PM – 1 White 1.9 ounces 1:00 PM -1 White 1.9 ounces Total Eggs Thus Far: 2 I’ve checked for eggs a few times today, and there are none yet. Yesterday I collected a warm one at 11am. It’s now about 12pm, so maybe I’ll get something very soon. I just […]

  • Wednesday and Thursday Eggs for Jan 19 and 20

    Estimate: 1-20-2005 Egg Count: 8:30 AM – 2 White 1.7 ounces, 2.1 ounces 11:00 AM – 1 White 2.4 ounces 11:45 AM – 1 Brown 1.8 ounces Total Eggs: 4 Estimate: 1-19-2005 Egg Count: 2 White Total Eggs: 2 note: 1 egg was frozen when found Eggs for yesterday and today are a bit confusing. […]

  • Eggs for Jan 18 2005

    1-18-2005 Egg Count: 11:15 AM – 1 Brown 1.6 ounces Total Eggs Thus Far : 1 It’s cold. 18 degrees on the F. scale. Brrr! I’ve not donned the gear to trudge through the backyard to check the hens yet. Once I do, this is the post on which any findings will be reported. 🙂 […]

  • Eggs for Jan 17 2005

    1-17-2005 Egg Count: 10:00 AM – 1 White 1.8 ounces 12:30 PM – 1 White 1.9 ounces Total Eggs : 2 It’s a cold day. It was in the 20’s last night, and supposed to be around 39 for a high today. It’s not bitterly cold though, fairly a mild cold. It’s creeping into the […]

  • Saturday and Sunday Eggs and more

    1-16-2005 Egg Count: AM – 1 White 2.1 ounces PM – 1 White 1.8 ounces Total Eggs: 2 We are home this Sunday morning. Still drippy nosed and such, with Dh getting worse, me getting better. About the hens: On Saturday, yesterday, January 16, 2005 — there was an egg in the SuperYard, underneath the […]

  • Showing My Desktop

    This should be “Show Me Your Desk” but is instead: Showing My Desktop! Found through: Tulip Girl and Karen: Life with 4 Kids and a Dog and Donna: Quiet Life. I have a digital camera, but my “desk” setup is chaos right now. I have my geriatric laptop stuck on the same shelf of our […]

  • New Eggs

    I checked the hens this mid-morning, and they hadn’t laid anything. It’s 2:45pm and I just got back from checking, as I walked up to the A-Frame I saw that Hawklady was down on the ground. “Good,” I thought to myself, “she must have laid an egg.” Surprise, surprise, when I opened the nest loft […]

  • After The Rain

    Bethlehem to the West Bethlehem to the East Bethlehem to the South

  • Strider by Maisy

    I am artistic, but not an “artist” by any means. I am not “naturally good with any artistic mediums to create”. I do mean “art” here, as in drawing, painting, etc. I have a natural talent for being ABLE to do things. I have “my own way” of doing such things. I haven’t been trained. […]

  • Rain and Biddies

    There’s a big line of storms marching from West to East … USA. The southern line is near us. Fragments of storm have been around most of the day, but the heavy line is coming sooner than later. All day I’ve gone out now and then to check the hens, *looking for an egg!* but […]