Month: April 2005

  • Comings and Goings

    Frank is away on a short trip. He sent me a few photos he took with his cell phone. I haven’t gotten them online yet, but will later tonight I think. I’ll link that here if/when I do. Frank also told me on the phone earlier that someone might be offering him a job soon. […]

  • Spring Flowers

    These photos were all taken on April 19, 2005 Dogwood – Cherokee Chief blossoms Peony – Blossoms forming Flower – reappearing after Winter’s sleep – forget what it is, obviously a perrennial!

  • The Kitchen: We have the fridge

    The fridge I had written about not too long ago, but I took those words out of the posts before it came, was brought over a couple of days ago finally. It’s nice. Nicer than our regular fridge, so it’s now our primary refrigerator. It’s a side-by-side, probably 25 cubic feet space inside. It has […]

  • Finding the CMOS battery in Sony Vaio GRV550

    { gallery [Inside_SONY_VAIO_PCG-GRV550_the_CMOS_Battery] } Picture One: My GRV550 doesn’t have a keyboard, so if yours does, just ignore the bottom portion of the picture. You see at the top left the top-left part of the body of the Vaio GRV550 … with the “speaker grille” flipped up. To do that, find the little screw on […]

  • Spring Colds

    A few days ago Asa sounded kind of sick, then he started sneezing and was listless for a day or two (nice in a way since he didn’t get into the usual trouble he does … he’s still at that age … 4). He coughed up some chest congestion Saturday night and so with that […]

  • Apple Trees will bloom soon

    Our Liberty Apple trees will be blooming soon. The buds are setting and two on one of the trees opened today. I supposed many will open tomorrow and Monday. The problem with this is that the tree that needs to bloom so that the Liberty blossoms can be fertilized is our MacFree, which rarely has […]

  • Cabinet Hardware etc

    I hung the doors on the painted yucky cabinets. It looks nice, the color is great, just up close it’s too ridgy, and a few spots got mussed up in the hanging anyhow, so it’s best that I have to re-do some of it in the first place. The cabinets originally had the doors hung […]

  • Painting the cabinets saga drags on

    I’m very much not pleased with how the painting turned out on my cabinet door and drawer fronts, face of cabinets too. In actuality the “painted by brush” look that I was going for turned into a very-too-much thing, and now I have to sand that down and reapply with a little smooth roller to […]

  • Locust Nursery

    A nutty thing I’ve been doing is collecting our Locust Tree babies. They are springing up everywhere in the circumference of that dear tree. It’s the only tree that existed on our property when we first moved in, November 1997. It’s right by the property line, so not quite all ours, but mostly. It gives […]

  • Kitchen Update

    I’m finishing painting the doors and drawers for the lower cabinets that I’ve gotten painted so far. I’ll put the drawer pulls and knobs on later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how many coats of paint I need to do. Once that is all done I’ll take some pictures to put on this weblog in […]

  • I’ve been busy and off-line

    Off-line, but not by choice. Our DSL was down since last Thursday until late this morning. It’s still not working well, it works but drops off occasionally. While we were without DSL we were totally without it. We had no signal at all. We had phone service though. We complained and complained to our provider […]

  • Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

    We got some paint the other day, for my kitchen cabinets. The lower cabinets that were by the garage door are now at the other end of the kitchen, what was meant as the “eat in kitchen/dinning room” area originally when the house was built in 1997 (not by us, but by the builder, we […]