Month: July 2005

  • Re-doing things here

    I’m re-designing this blog template layout. I’m doing it in pieces. I’ve changed the header and the sidebar, but am not done with them yet. I’m doing on the fly, and leaving what I do until I work on it and change it again. I’m in a mood to get it historical looking, old, something […]

  • The hot and cool of it

    With the weather being so terribly hot and humid and dangerous (sure it can get hotter, but temps in the the 80’s and 90’s to mid or high 90’s all have feels-like into the 100’s, up to 111F. or even more), Frank went to Lowes early yesterday morning and brought home 2 window air conditiners. […]

  • It took my day but

    We got a new PSU yesterday, and didn’t get home until later, so I didn’t try installing it until this morning. I installed it and … nuthing changed. I spent “I have no clue how much time” re-connecting stuff and re-doing that, reading on the mobo forum when I had a chance to use Frankies […]

  • Upgrades to Computer and House

    Consensus of the computer situation led us to just get a new motherboard and processor. From what I read it’s probably the processor that died. Not for sure though. So it’s on to a new build of computer for me 🙂 The Athlon processor world has changed dramatically over the last few years. Our now […]

  • Hot dog days and meals

    Yesterday was so hot. It got to 90 degrees in the house. I had seen weather info earlier that forecast 89 for a high in Atlanta. I don’t know why it got so hot in the house though, it wasn’t THAT hot outside. I guess it’s partially my ankle injury, I didn’t go around checking […]

  • Thunderous Praise

    We had a lovely thunderstorm early this evening. The lighting was crashing down and cloud to cloud, close to our home. It was so soothing. Super intense storms are so soothing to me. We hadn’t heard thunder as we have this evening in several years, the first Spring in our house was 1997 and we […]

  • Charleston

    We are in Charleston, SC today, just arrived a bit ago. Frank has some business here just a short time, then we’ll be out and about doing things. I’ve been here twice before, in the area, but didn’t do anything really, so this’ll be my first REALLY good look at Charleston. We were maybe going […]

  • Desktop Mysterious USB

    My computer, the desktop, started fritzing out again today, after nearly running for 24-hours fine since the heatsink re-seating. Temps were fine though. I determined after several BSOD incidents that it was my mouse, USB driven thing with a tail. All my mice are USB driven, any around that are for the computer, that is. […]

  • Hennie Pennie Talk

    I haven’t written about my Hennie Pennies for awhile, they deserve a few words. They didn’t lay over Winter, that’s alright. They were slow in getting to the laying part of it this Spring though, but did do it. The Leghorn hens are old, for hens. We got them in February 2003, they hatched in […]

  • Household Changes

    I re-seated the heatsink on the desktop mb this afternoon. I had wanted to do this for awhile, but since my “stuff” is in such disarray, I hadn’t looked hard enough to find my Artic Silver, which I’d be needing to do the job. So I motivated to find it today. The computer yesterday started […]

  • Hi Dennis!

    Dennis is here, the outer north-east bands part of “him” that is. It’s breezey all of the sudden and tropical air and rain are falling (warm and big heavy drops rushing down). Dennis is a cat. 3 hurricane now, and expected to hit somewhere on the Gulf Coast by tomorrow morn, and he’s so big […]

  • New Black Oil Sunflower

    Canon Digital Rebel – July 6, 2005 Notice the beautiful swirls, the pattern is gorgeous, shows God’s handiwork wonderfully. Such order, beauty, but no true straight lines involved. 🙂

  • Cindy Dumped Rain

    Over 2-inches, but we don’t know really how much, that’s just an airport to the north of us that I grabbed the two-day totals from to estimate something from. It was very soggy before Cindy arrived. I know I am not knowledgeable enough to know about it, we were away from home July 4 & […]

  • Russell’s Wavey Hair Comes Out

    I mentioned in a post about Asa’s hair the other day that Russell seems to have a slight wave to his hair, as if it’ll get curlier later on maybe … today I noticed that he had a ringlet. He was playing in his room and it was very hot in there. I looked closer […]

  • Device Updates

    I’m excited about something on eBay … Dh let me bid on a Canon Digital and I got the high bid (won) this early AM! It’s the elder Digital Rebel, not the new 8 megapixel but the first sort, the 6.3. It’s a super upgrade for me, and what I have had my eye on […]