Month: November 2005

  • Changes

    I’m getting things ready to change this site. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing yet, but I’m probably going to merge this blog into my hyperthinking blog, or make a third set-up over there … or …. I don’t know. I might be deleting some posts from this actual blog content, but then again, […]

  • New Moon coming

    This picture was taken with my Canon Digital Rebel at 6:38am on October 29, 2005, from my second floor bedroom window, without glass or screen in the way. The moon info for this precise time (courtesy of QuickPhasePro, a moon phase program): Moon Rise: 4:29am Moon Set: 5:04pm Phase Name: Waning Crecent (translation respectively: Getting […]

  • Happy November (2005)

    It’s now November, another increment of 2005 gone … the years go by faster and faster as you get older … this I know from experience and from the knowlege imparted to me by elders over time. At some points time seems to crawl and others to fly fastly by, but this is not what […]