Month: January 2007

  • Kitchen Layout changes

    The other day we decided to re-do our layout of the kitchen. It’s in “planning” stage still, but now we have it knocked out as to best functionality of it with space considerations taken. We decided to move the refridgerator so that it’s the first thing on the left when entering the kitchen via the […]

  • Kitchen change — Dishwasher!

    We are still in the middle of our “kitchen re-do” … with nothing much going on except for adding a window where the French Doors used to be, and getting ready to put in sliding doors on the other end of the kitchen, our to-be-new-access-to-out-back. I’ve wanted a dishwasher for awhile, not having one since […]

  • Hiatus Over

    This is my first post on this blog since late 2005. I closed it down, intending to move posts from here to my other blog, not all, just some, and started working on it via a MySQL text file, but became thoroughly worn out by the enormity of the job that I quit and kept […]