Month: March 2007

  • Cloth Diapering (baby)

    I used cloth diapers on my last baby (#3), and on baby #2 after she turned 1 year old. I wanted to use them with #1 at some point, but cost prohibitiveness kept me from being able to do that the way I wanted, I did have a few samples and liked them, but that […]

  • Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice Cream, homemade with raw ingredients, as found in Nourishing Traditions on page 550.

  • New Meals inspired by Food TV (food)

    I was watching Food TV yesterday, and Paula Dean’s show was on. It caught my undivided attention because she was using recipes for crockpots and slow cooking, particularly the first recipe, Creamy Macaroni and Cheese for the crockpot … which is something that she said they use in their restaurant (in Savannah, GA) a lot. […]

  • The ‘new’ hens and egg news

    We got the ‘new’ hens on Saturday, 3 seem to be a mix of Aracauna-ish and Rhode Island Red –though are supposedly all brown egg layers, and then we have 6 Rhode Island Reds. The man set aside 9 hens for us, not the 7 we had said, so we ended up with 2 more, […]

  • Gaining hennies

    Our hennies haven’t been laying since the end of November. I’m hoping they’ll start laying soon. Recent picture of the Wyandottes. They are looking like they are ready to lay … I have other news about eggs though. We’ve been getting eggs from the meat store a few miles up the road, which carries mostly […]

  • Happy First Day of Spring! (2007)

    I posted more about it on my other blog.

  • Grinding Meat (food)

    I made spaghetti for dinner last evening. I didn’t make fresh Kamut pasta, my preference –what I haven’t done much in the past, but am trying to get going regularly now, but I did use Spelt pasta, bought at Whole Foods, a VitaSpelt product (Purity). It’s a dry boxed pasta, Angel Hair being my favorite […]

  • St. Patty eats (food)

    Tomorrow is “St. Patty Day” … I have Irish in my family tree (many, many years ago); and I had a beloved Aunt who was married to my blood-uncle — she was 100% Irish (as far as I know) but born (I think) in the USA, and raised in the USA. I like having the […]

  • Meatloaf (food)

    I’m making a meatloaf for dinner, in the crock pot. I haven’t made many “meatloaf” dishes in the past few years, used to make them more in the past. I think I’ve done one in the crock pot before, but not more than that, usually prefering the oven … but today I am trying it […]

  • Updated sites

    I posted on my Hyperthinking Weblog today about Flickr Photo Page today with some pictures of the children from January, and photos of things in my backyard from today. Take a peek.