Month: June 2007

  • 40 Wks + 4 Days – 2

    On Friday, June 22, 2007 I was overdue 4 days … that is 40 Weeks + 4 Days. My contractions continued all day, changing to greater intensity and constancy later in the afternoon, and we did call the midwife to update her … and later in the evening it was decided that they’d come on […]

  • 40 Wks + 4 Days – 1

    Today I’m 4 days “past due” and did mean to update yesterday and the day before … but never got around to it. I’ve had boughts of  contractions off and on the past few days, and am actually having them right now, in the middle of the night as I am awake. They aren’t that […]

  • 40 Wks +2 Days – 1

    I am +2 days “overdue” today. I had contractions yesterday, which I mentioned in the previous post, and they did peter out and come back a couple of times last night, but the key is, keep coming back. I slept better last night too, really relaxed. I did awake a couple of times, but was […]

  • 40 Wks +1 Day

    I had a bad night last night, very uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep from 2am to 6am, basically, just snooze a bit, read and listen to music. I took a bath sometime right around 5am and was out at least 10 minutes before 6am, and then was able to sleep for a couple of hours after […]

  • 40 Weeks

    Today I’m 40 weeks, and just waiting … I still have things to do but am waiting on everyone else. My husband, to do stuff so I can do other stuff. Midwife to come home, at the end of the week … and blah, blah, blah … it’s just miserable now to wait and wait […]

  • 39 Weeks + 4 days Counting Down

    I’m 39 + 4 (wks + days) today … we did go out last night and get a few things. I am still in need of a changing table pad and cover though (something very important to me!) We got the stroller/infant car seat combo as well as the Pack ‘n’ Play at Target which […]

  • 39 Weeks

    Today I am 39 + 0 (wks + days) along in my pregnancy. I’m still plugging along … misery and non-misery days … just depending on how much I’ve done, what’s going on, what I’ve eaten recently or in the recent past, etc. On this past Friday my diaper order was delivered via Fed Ex. […]

  • 38 Wks – Midwife Home Visit – getting ready for baby

    I’m 38 + 1 (wks+days) today. Yesterday I had my Home Visit and it went well. I measured 39wks, and my BP was alright, they had me lay on my left side for awhile before attempting a reading, and it worked out well. About 2 weeks ago I measured right on for my weeks of […]

  • 37 Weeks

    Today I am 37+4 (wks+days) along in this pregnancy. I’ve become more and more uncomfortable as the days go on … the end is near! Sleep is difficult, getting comfy in bed is super-difficult. It’s hard to get up from lying down, and hard to get up from sitting on the couch, and hard to […]

  • Kitchen Aid to the rescue

    I have a Kitchen Aid Professional 6 mixer (Cobalt, had it for some years now) and recently the Thumb -Screw broke. That part is the screw that is on the right-side of the front of the mixer, where you attach different Attachments, it secures them to the mixer. The screw has a thick black molded […]