Month: July 2008

  • Florida Trip

    We were in Florida last week, into the weekend. Our niece (Frank’s) got married, hence the trip. It was a nice wedding. Lovely bride and ceremony, nice reception. Many Happy Congrats to the couple. We left on Wednesday morning and got there in the evening. It was HOT. It’s hot in the Atlanta area, where […]

  • Garden 2008

    There is no garden in our backyard this year, again. There is supposed to be, but it just hasn’t occurred. Our backyard is overgrown right now, and we’ve had trouble with the mowers, so it’s kind of “status quo” dormant. Last year I was supposed to have a good garden. It didn’t happen. I was […]

  • Frank’s 2008 B-Day

    For Frank’s birthday yesterday I made cupcakes. Usually we don’t make cakes for his birthday, not regular cakes. In the past I would often make a cheesecake for his birthday, or nothing, since he didn’t care as much about cakes as, say, the children would for their birthdays. Frank doesn’t care much for holiday trappings, […]

  • LG Washer Fixed

    Our washer finally got fixed today. The repair man arrived later than we anticipated, but not too long after the expected end time … It was after Noon though, so when it finally was working, it was later into the day than I had wanted it to be (thinking I’d get some washing going that […]

  • Happy Birthday Frank!

    Happy Birthday dear! It was 43 years ago that you were born. I’ve known you for over 16 of those years, and I hope with God’s Good Grace it will be many, many more for us both.

  • LG washer not working

    Our LG Front Loading Washer just seemed to up and die the other week. (It was dead as a door nail. Dead in the water. No lights, no sounds. Quiet.) I am very frustrated with it. We were able to get a repair person out and he didn’t know what was wrong precisely, one of […]

  • Water Utilities

    City water utilities. Ugh. Know what ours has done lately? Quit sending out “Disconnect” notices as of May 1st. Is this a problem? Sure. Sometimes people forget, to pay the bill. Right? More money in the bank for them. A courteous service done away with. Maybe there is a large problem with other people continually […]

  • Baby Q Turns One

    Well, Baby Q turned One Year Old on the 23rd of June. I forgot to post anything about it. I do suppose it was because I was busy with the birthday, then busy getting ready to go out-of-town right after. Baby Q is growing up, not as much a baby, closer to a toddler now. […]