Month: May 2010

  • Penne Pasta & other dishes

    I had a box of Penne pasta I’d gotten at Costco a long time ago, never used any of it since I like the Capellini pasta with my homemade version of meat sauce often, and didn’t want to add another tomato sauce dish into the mix. (All my life I made meatballs to go with […]

  • Washer Post from Past

    I love it when old posts are relevant to what I need to do: LG FL Washer – 2277 – OE error Not that my washer is throwing an error, it’s just that I think I need to “spin only” cycle after not having done that for a long time. It would get things more […]

  • Hopefully getting more Wood Flooring soon

    We might be able to soon get more heart pine flooring like we put in our MBR 3 years ago. It’s a very long time in coming and if it pans out I’ll be thrilled. This is the 2nd post I’ve written (tho 1st on this blog) using Poster for WordPress, an App in the Palm Catalog […]

  • Out & Gardening & Putting Together

    My hubby and I went out on Saturday together, with the eldest son, being 14 now, the one in charge at home. We went to Ikea and that is a one-thing for me. I mean, it’s like walking a million miles for me, so a one-thing-trip, nothing else should be done. That was not all […]