Month: April 2011

  • Spring, Spring, Doing Your Thing

    Spring is fully underway. A lot of the Daffodils in our yard are blooming or past blooming, there are still some coming up though. My Peonies are readying their blossoms more and more each day. Looks like they’ll be early this year (like many of the flowering trees were.) I have also gotten my Hosta […]

  • Daffodils are now Thriving

    Our daffodil population is exploding. Every day more and more are popping up. Today our first white & yellow daffodils opened. They are lovely. It’s very hot again, and this week the humidity went to Southern Summer types. Bad enough outside, but inside it is worse right now, our A/C is totally not working (only […]

  • 1st Daffodil to open!

    1st Daffodil of 2011 planting Originally uploaded by CrazyMaisy. I posted this photo to Flickr the other day. It’s the related to the previous post here, the same plant as the one in the photo of a green shoot coming up through the dirt. There are many more shoots coming up now, over 70 (not […]