Month: September 2011

  • Roasted Chicken w/stuffing

    I’m going to make some chickens for dinner today. They are Organic fryers. I use two, we eat as much as we want, and use the leftover chicken for whatever, another meal or something. I love stuffing and I think I’ll make up some today. It’s simple, use Chicken Stock, herbs, bread, onion … very […]

  • Tweaked A/C AGAIN!

    Had to call A/C guy back the next day and tweak the thing, we were frozen first thing that morning. Since then it’s been a day, and I haven’t looked THIS morning yet, but no freezing yesterday. So that’s plus 1.

  • A/C Guy fixed things

    A/C Guy finally came back today with the new sensor module, installed it, made sure it was working and also added a manual damper in between master bedroom and the other bedrooms (’cause of the heat load we have in the master bedroom from the East/South facing the Sun.) He tweaked things as well, to […]

  • A/C Sensor Bad

    A/C guy was here yesterday. He checked everything and finally told us “it’s this sensing module that is bad” The basic long and short of it is, I don’t really know why we need it, guess it’s a fine tuner, making everything work well no matter what temps you put in or something. He said […]

  • A/C Guy is supposed to be here on Thursday

    Don’t know what he can do, hope something. Just checked again, everything going down by 1, but … outside, super thick frost on the pipes going into the unit, starting again. Now off. I’ve already had it, but now I’ve had it.

  • A/C Problems Still

    Our A/C is still very problematic. We tried something different last night, and it seemed to work, and just now I did it again and I’ll see if it changes things. It was just about 12 hours between doing it the first time and when things started going south again decidedly so. We took the […]

  • Summer giving way to Autumn

    August has come and gone. I’m not wishing time away, but I sure won’t miss the Fall Allergy season when that has come and gone. It’s here, has been, and will be for a longer stay than I want (like I ever really want it!) Weather has been nicer atimes the past couple of weeks. […]