Month: November 2012

  • Thanksgiving Prep 2012 Free Range Turkey

    The turkey is in the oven. Free Range Young Turkey, stuffed with my own stuffing made from white spelt bread (which I made yesterday) cut into small cubes, then dried. I used onion and celery cooked until soft in 2 sticks of butter, then 1 1/2 quarts of chicken stock, 2 eggs, a bunch of…

  • Thanksgiving Prep 2012 Wed afternoon

    Update on the turkey Yes, a Free Range fresh Turkey. Big enough at 17 some pounds. I have another turkey in the freezer for later. 🙂 So I’ll be roasting the turkey soon. Prep for stuffing under way: and Pies later.

  • Thanksgiving Prep 2012

    It’s the holiday season! Today I need to do some more preparations for the upcoming holiday. Wow! That’s tomorrow! I haven’t done as much as I had wanted to by now. I have a totally non-me turkey. I didn’t get one pre-ordered, hubby was going to and didn’t. He got me a frozen turkey from…