Category: Curly Hair

  • Russell’s Wavey Hair Comes Out

    I mentioned in a post about Asa’s hair the other day that Russell seems to have a slight wave to his hair, as if it’ll get curlier later on maybe … today I noticed that he had a ringlet. He was playing in his room and it was very hot in there. I looked closer […]

  • Asa’s Ratty Hair Fixed Up

    This past weekend I de-rats-nested Asa’s hair. He has wavy hair, soft waves, and in the back it just gets snarled all up easily, if I don’t specially care for it EVERY day, which is the problem. I have just “let it go” on most days if we are going nowhere, as is often the […]

  • NY Observer Gets Curly Hair

    Is She Straight, Or… A Secret Botticelli? Girls Scorn Curls by Liz Krieger [Google Cache] This is a humorous piece about something I’m very familiar with . Curly hair, and straightening it and pretending it wasn’t really curly. I myself blowed it out in my teens. I also chemically straightened it by myself in my […]

  • January 26, 2005 Hair Length

    Hair: Today [January 26] I took a photo of the Back of Victoria to document her hair length. Then I had Frank take one of me just the same. Victoria has very smooth straight hair. (I’ve taught her to comb it every day, but she doesn’t, so when I notice, as today wanting to photograph […]

  • Curly Girl Hair

    UPDATE: I am seriously re-thinking how this post should be done, and have changed the middle part of it, adding a paragraph and some photos. I really see an entire project in this topic coming about, and so … you will see future changes to this post, and maybe who knows what! It’s own section […]