I figured out how to get post title links automatically on the sidebar from my Edublog, so all one needs to do is look over there to the right and see the titles and click if they would like to read them.

I have my recent posts (entries) from THIS blog first (well, THIS blogs recent comments first, THEN the posts …) , then the Education recent posts … which I’ll probably “rename” soon enough, but in any case, they will be there and you will be able to tell which is which, most likely.

So with that, I won’t be pinging this blog with Edublog posts. Which is nice, since I was not wanting to do that any way, just started it since that’s the one and only way I could figure to get it going.

I kept thinking about it today, and thinking of MT and how I did things there … and thought about the beginning of each index here and how that would work to post any info on a blog … but would it work to include it on another blog …. YES! It works! 🙂

Fine findings … I’m happy, since I think I can get things going with a Photo Log now with WP, since I am now thinking “outside the box” better with WP. Keep things separate, but make them work with other blog pages, not just their own. 😆