Lesson Learned: Trackback DOES work for me, just the Virtual Site thing isn’t able to work it since I’m using WP for it, and not .htaccess.

Put this in your wp-comments php file, where the php bloginfo(‘url’) is the only code for a Trackback Link. It’ll allow you to display your Post ID trackback link, not have WP generate one based on your Virtual Site Url.

< ?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-trackback.php?p=< ?php the_ID() ?>

I had always been looking for a way to include my virtual site structure into Trackbacks, and being vain about using Virtual, and not wanting ugly numbers, I closed my eyes to understanding the above code and where ever I had seen it at WP Support.

So it does work. It does.

Which is good. I have made sure that Pings work since I found that someone I know online is now using WP and that went alright, as I’ve been able to PING from inside posts.

To be able to TRACKBACK on purpose is another thing entirely and I’m happy to know I can do that now.

I also had a slight panic attack [well not really, just a bit almost sort of, in a panicy way when you know something worked before but it wasn’t now and you don’t know if you did something to make it not work or not and ::hairpull::] earlier today when I tested several, I mean that, posts and pings and back and forth between a couple of my blogs and I couldn’t find that anything was posting.

Duh. I have had my comment moderated if more than one link was in the post. A ping makes that happen. So my ping comments were all sitting in awaiting moderation land. I just didn’t notice. I mustn’t have checked email that entire time either, or I would have noticed my blunder of thought earlier.

What a way to spend the First Day of the New Year. Doing dumb-and-dumber at something you are supposedly smart with. :veryshocked:

I know I did test out trackbacks with ugly site structure long ago, but for some reason, well maybe it’s because I’ve updated things with 1.2.2 and then tried to implement a fix a few weeks ago and then today replaced a few files with CVS current ones, it now works. So I get the both of thems — Virtual Site, but ugly trackback urls. It’s alright. For now.