Yesterday I was busy organizing and dejunking and motivating the children, and pulling out books to input into Library Thing. I had a problem creep up then that I detailed under my UGH post yesterday.

The short sweet version is that I felt very allergic suddenly in the afternoon, worse than I had that morning or the previous days. My left eye felt weird and dry and itchy and I chalked it up to the allergy, my right eye felt similar the week before, but cleared up, wasn’t anything but an allergy. So the point is that yesterday it WAS something other than just an allergy, there was a fleck of something on my eyeball, and tried several things, and it wouldn’t come off. Tamara commented with an idea to try and bless her heart, that’s what helped. Simple old scotch tape did the trick.

But now I realized it’s not that it was just that, it’s more than that. Allergy season has ramped up on me in a big way, and the ragweed map has us in the HIGH zone, just short of totally inundated. I can attest to you that I hadn’t looked up the alllergy map info for a few days. I know that it’s been in the moderate range the last couple of weeks or so, and I’ve been up and down in how I feel allergy-wise. Well yesterday I got really bad and the eye fleck had something to do with it, but once it was out I still felt funny, and funnier all over, and my eyes have been very goopy. I know that my left eye has repercussion to deal with, the underside of my eyelid took a hard scratch hit with that fleck. So I expect irritation of that nature to be healing so it’s not going to feel good at all, beaide that though I have the classic symptoms I get from allergies being pollen related … I can feel it in my chest, itchy dragging feeling there. It’s similar to when you have a cold and first realize that it’s moving into your chest. In my allergies I don’t get a full congestion thing going, it’s only minor and constant and very itchy. My throat gets swollen feeling and eventually raw feeling, and my sinuses clog up inside, or my nose drips, or both, or I get massive mud slides down my throat, or everything all at once. It’s not as bad as it sounds, just sometimes. So today, that’s that. I felt so horrid, and so I went to look at accuweather’s site and they say “air quality is good”. “Pollents counts though are HIGH”. Grass is “moderate” Ragweed is “high”.

When we were new to GA there was a drought going on. Since the drought went away due to rain, rain, rain the other year, I have had a ragweed allergy. I didn’t have massive allergies when I was a child in PA. In FL I had January to March massive allergies due to blooming something, either Mango Trees, or something that bloomed right when they did. Painful times those were. In any case, moving to GA I had the traditional worse in Spring things and the general cruddy reaction to mold, dust, etc. the rest of the year. It wasn’t until the drought released that I had a ragweed-season appearance of allergy symptoms. I took Claratin for my spring allergies the first year it was over-the-counter, it helped some. So I took it again when I had my first taste of ragweed-season that year, and it made me worse. I have realized that Claratin just doesn’t do a lot for me. So I don’t consider it as a useful thing to take.

Benadryl Liquid continues to be my only friend, I take a swig of it if I am overpowered by something only. I take a small swig, I’ll let you know. It’s not a lot, not a full dose. I can’t stand full doses of anti-histamines and decongestants. They hit me hard and leave me high and dry, feeling better, but feeling worse really.

So I took some Benadryl this morning, and I’m awaiting it to take the edge off of the suffering.

My left eye is the one that suffered the fleck issue, and my right eye was fine yesterday, but both eyes seeped more night goo than usual, and both feel like dry gel filled swimming pools, though my left one feels worse.

Allergies like this are just ones that make me feel plugged-out. I can see, but feel like I’m not seeing well, everything is foggy. That’s allergies in full swing.

So we have yet another year of good Ragweed Season coming on, I dont’ have to look at precipitation to know we’ve had enough. :veryshocked: