I’m trying out FLOCK. Find it at http://www.flock.com.

What is FLOCK? It’s a tool to use with blogs. It’s a browser too, built off of Mozilla. I use Firefox and love it. FLOCK is not a replacement, it’s still in BETA. It’s a way to aggregate posting of your blogs, if you have more than one, like I do.

This is my first post using FLOCK.

I will be attempting to use this and love it. I am hoping to get the functionality of the spam tool used at wp . com … and am awaiting an invite there. [update: if you have FLOCK, just go to wp . com {wordpress dot com} via FLOCK and there will be the link to signup, you have to go there via FLOCK though. The link won’t show up in another browser. You will be signing up to have a wp blog on that site, and there you can find your API to use with the Akismet Plugin for your standalone wp blogs.]

What is FLOCK? Is it like a flocked Christmas Tree? LOL. I hate those. Hopefully it’s something nicer.

It appears to be so. I used to have movable type, before the big upidy-doo, when I switched to WordPress. Back in the MT days I tried some blogging tools and didn’t like them. I do like this part of FLOCK so far, it’s a familiar format, clean-cut MOZILLA! 🙂 I’ll know better when I publish this as to how much I like it. I’m willing to work out the bugs.

The one thing I don’t like, this line and following is an edit in WP itself, is the code squished into FLOCK posts. That’s what I didn’t like about those old blog utilities …

Also, FLOCK doesn’t have Categories choosable, it uses your default category.

So be it. For now.