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Thanksgiving Dinner 2007

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  1. Ah, the meal was very good, but I didn’t get eeerything on the list above, done.

    I didn’t make creamed onions. That’s something from the familial past I was giving a knod towards, but it’s not a favorite of me or anyone here, so I nixed the idea early, just didn’t take it off of the sheet.

    I also didn’t make cranberry compote. I didn’t buy cranberries …. so I couldn’t make it. We had Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, though, which was fine, I love it. I love the smooth texture with the traditional turkey and gravy and my extra=special in-the-bird-stuffing.

    Last on the “didn’t get it done list” is the Sweet Potato Casserole. I did get that started on Wednesday. Thursday it just had to be baked to reheat, then marshmallowed on top. Oops, we forgot to get it out of the fridge on time, so it was still cold inside when dinner was otherwise ready. So I said we’d have it in the middle of the meal, but we didn’t. Everyone was happy with what we had. I said we’d have it with the “warmed up left-overs” later that night, but then we lingered at the table and didn’t think to take the casserole out of the oven untl I smelled it getting a bit toasty at the edges.

    We didn’t go for leftovers later either, Just the first serving of pumpkin pie w/sweetened raw whipped cream.

    All in all, a good meal, and I’m Thankful it went well, and that it’s over. 🙂

    Now it’s time to dedicate my thoughts to me dear daughter’s 9th birthday on the 25th. 😀

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