Happy New Year

2007 is gone. 2008 is here. We had “fireworks” out front on New Years Eve to mark the occasion (Costco sells big packs of “fountain” type fireworks made by TNT, this time of year and around the 4th of July.) We’ve gotten this sort of thing for the 4th starting in 2006, continued it in 2007, and now have added New Years Eve to the schedule.

In GA things that fly up are basically not for sale, of course people do buy them in the neighboring states, like S. Car., Tenn., or Ala.

We just stick to what’s available here, thus far we have, that is. I love fireworks, firecrackers, etc.

We bought the biggest package Costco was selling this time, and it’s the biggest we’ve ever bought. It had many more larger type fountains than previous packs. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, including our dear little 6 month old. He fell asleep near the end, but watched intently through most of the “show”.

Along with a new year are new temperatures. It was a tad nippy that night, and only getting colder ever since. The sun has been out though, so it’s pleasant, unlike the few days before with gloomy gray skies and rain off and on, the temperatures then weren’t that cold either. It’s been a very mild “winter” whereas it’s usually nice enough to turn the A/C off in September or October, and start fireplace fires in November and more of them in December and into Jan. & Feb. … this year we have had the A/C off and on through December. A few fires, one early, it wasn’t THAT cold but was cold enough “just to do it” and one other time or two since then before Christmas. We had fires for Christmas just to have fires, but we didn’t NEED to have them, it was warm enough to live without them (heat pump working in the warmer cool temperature just fine.)

So now 2008 has brought us to the “we need a fire to be warm enough” place. Reported temperature right now is 32 degrees F. It was well colder than that over night and most of today.

Temperatures are often mild in Georgia, over winter, but times of very cold, snow, ice do occur, but last winter 2006/2007 we had nothing. I’m wondering what’s to come in 2008, since both ends of 2007 were very mild. FWIW.

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