Month: August 2009

Stupid Outing

On Saturday, August 22, 2009 it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary. We went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta as planned (see previous post) & I finally saw one of my favorite painters paintings in the Monet Water Lilies special exhibition which was ending on the 23rd of August. In that exhibit you were allowed to take photos and share them but ONLY with CELL Phones. I have a good 3 MP Palm Pre so I probably have some decent photos. I have them on my computer, but I haven’t uploaded them to Flickr yet. I intended to earlier than this, to write about it and upload the photos, but things are difficult in where I can use my laptop and the time I have to do things like this is so very limited in more ways than that. So the elegant thoughts I had about the Monet outing are lost in my brain for now, maybe forever.

In any case, we brought the whole family back on Sunday afternoon. I wanted them to get to see the Monet exhibit now, not have to wait until someday we were somewhere in which it could be seen. I enjoyed all the views I had of it on Saturday, and really enjoyed it again on Sunday. We started Sunday with Monet and then looked at other things, and then went back to the Monet Exhibition again to end the outing.

It was spectacular to be in the rooms with the huge paintings that Claude Monet himself actually painted. I took one of them and made that my phone background, and another and made a background for my Twitter page. I’ll get the photos organized and onto my Flickr pages and then hopefully be able to post about it better another time.

High Museum Family Membership

We just purchased a Family Membership at Atlanta’s High Museum. I’ve wanted to do this over the past several years to enjoy myself, and also to show art to my children as part of their education and also to learn to enjoy it fully in their lives.

What made me do it finally and fully is that the other day I saw a billboard with a Monet background of “Water Lilies” for the High Museum and I knew I had to go see whatever it was, but forgot to check it out online by the time we got home. I fleetingly thought of it but never a full enough thought to go to their website at any time. Not until last night.

My husband was planning what to do on our Anniversary (which is this coming Saturday, August 22) and had decided on dinner and a movie. I liked the dinner idea, but wasn’t thrilled with what movies are out there. So during the night I thought it through in my dreams and recalled the Monet billboard and looked it up this morning.

I saw that this is the last weekend of the Monet Water Lilies exhibition and knew that had to be what we did … and I knew we’d enjoy it more than a movie, especially since there aren’t any movies out we really want to see that much.

I’d like to go back with the whole family on Sunday afternoon, so that we can share the Monet exhibit with them (he’s one of my absolute favorite artists) thus we can go and enjoy it as adults on Saturday, and also know what’s what before taking the children the next day. Not our usual MO.

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Family Goings On

Family stuff: Found out recently our old Family Reunion is in August … haven’t been since I was pregnant with my second baby. That would be July 1998. I doubt we can go, but who knows. When I was younger the reunion was always in the third week of August. In my adult years they changed it to mid-July. I don’t know when it was switched back. In any case it’s right smack dab on our Anniversary this year, and I don’t even know if my husband will be here, with some legal issues going on between some individuals from a company he worked with that have roped him into it as well. It’s all nuts.

Then I found out yesterday that my nephew is getting married in September, not that far from where we live. My sister Becky (& her family) will be flying in, so we’ll get to see them, though I don’t know what the legal issues will be around then either, could be nasty. Our house isn’t ready for visitors at all, not that anyone will come here, but I can’t even offer anyone to come here is the point. It’s horrible for us.

My sister lives on the other side of the country. We just don’t get to see members of our family usually. It’s nice that it’s going to be nearby that the wedding is. Great luck actually!

Kitchen update August 2009

My kitchen is awaiting a new temporary counter on one side, hubby promises it’ll be such for about 4-weeks at the most. I should have had it already for nearly a week, but here it is, not in yet. Hubby is sleeping on the couch, and I can’t do anything about it myself.

We are using MDF and painting it. That makes it latex vinyl coated and clean-up-able for the short term.

When all is said and done I need a new counter and new sink & faucet. Also a new dishwasher, but that part of it is the wrinkle in the plan. A cheap dishwasher isn’t what I’m looking for, with a decent higher end fridge and stove …

Biggest thing is we need: new flooring, and I want the floor put in and the cabinets put on ltop of the new floor, so none of the counters/ower cabinets are permanently installed right now, they sit without moving just fine, just need finalized and firmed up to the wall and anchored, and the counters then will be built up to the right height and it’ll be nicer. Maybe.

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