Stupid Outing

On Saturday, August 22, 2009 it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary. We went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta as planned (see previous post) & I finally saw one of my favorite painters paintings in the Monet Water Lilies special exhibition which was ending on the 23rd of August. In that exhibit you were allowed to take photos and share them but ONLY with CELL Phones. I have a good 3 MP Palm Pre so I probably have some decent photos. I have them on my computer, but I haven’t uploaded them to Flickr yet. I intended to earlier than this, to write about it and upload the photos, but things are difficult in where I can use my laptop and the time I have to do things like this is so very limited in more ways than that. So the elegant thoughts I had about the Monet outing are lost in my brain for now, maybe forever.

In any case, we brought the whole family back on Sunday afternoon. I wanted them to get to see the Monet exhibit now, not have to wait until someday we were somewhere in which it could be seen. I enjoyed all the views I had of it on Saturday, and really enjoyed it again on Sunday. We started Sunday with Monet and then looked at other things, and then went back to the Monet Exhibition again to end the outing.

It was spectacular to be in the rooms with the huge paintings that Claude Monet himself actually painted. I took one of them and made that my phone background, and another and made a background for my Twitter page. I’ll get the photos organized and onto my Flickr pages and then hopefully be able to post about it better another time.

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