Month: November 2002

  • The Leonids a bust for us …

    I saw one meteor. Faint and barely noticeable around 2am, with the moon brightly shining high in the sky but moving towards the Western sky. Things were clear. At 3:15am I check things out, and there were a few wispy clouds, the moon was further away from the “viewing area” so that was an improvement […]

  • Leonid and weather

    We are looking forward to the “shooting star” event that should be fantastic on Tuesday morning, 5:30am here on the US East Coast. Go to the above link to read about it. is forecasting a low of 38 Monday night-Tuesday morning. Better than the previous night/morning of 27, which is tonight! Brrr! This’ll […]

  • New computer!

    I built our newest computer last night. It’s so nice to have a fast machine again. I still don’t have my laptop back. I’ll sure be glad when I do, but in the mean time now, I’ve got a decent machine to use! Perhaps I’ll get some kind of posting of pictures done. As for […]