Leonid and weather

We are looking forward to the “shooting star” event that should be fantastic on Tuesday morning, 5:30am here on the US East Coast.


Go to the above link to read about it.

Weather.com is forecasting a low of 38 Monday night-Tuesday morning. Better than the previous night/morning of 27, which is tonight! Brrr! This’ll be our first freeze. Fairly normal as our first freeze is Nov. 15 on the Average calendar for such. We nearly froze the other day, but just got some very cold weather in the low 30’s but above freezing and frosty tips of grass. The grass is still very green. We’ve had lots of rain lately. Thank you God! We appreciate it, so do the grass and trees and birds and flowers and weeds! Also the lakes and streams and rivers and wells and wild animals. Can’t forget them.

If you get out to see the show on Tuesday morning, check back here for my report, and leave your comments under that post! I’d love to hear your reports! We plan on having chairs and blankets and hot drinks out there, and all the children — if they wake up for us!

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