Month: December 2002

  • Web authoring

    I’m working on our church’s web site. Once a new hosting site is found I’ll be updating the site with my pages. I code by hand, and it’s a task I enjoy. I’ll put a preview link here later, when I have some more content on my site. I’m loading on this site it to […]

  • The Two Towers

    We’re in Michigan, leaving on Friday. Last night, opening day, we went and saw The Two Towers (Tolkien movie – The Lord of the Rings, book/movie 2). We loved it. Of course it doesn’t follow the book exactly, but does produce a wonderful product, faithful to the content of the book overall, though not in […]

  • December 2002

    It’s December! It came really fast this year. Yes, the years go faster once you are an adult, but I must say this year sped past really fast, for that other years for sure. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that it snowed here at our house? Oh, that was December 2001. Today it’s […]

  • Lexington, KY

    We left MI on Friday morning and drove to Lexington, KY, where we had a hotel reservation. This cut our trip basically in half. We can go multiple ways home, so this one was by choice, for the views it brings. The Lexington side of Kentucky is very horse farmy, with a few cows here […]