The Two Towers

We’re in Michigan, leaving on Friday. Last night, opening day, we went and saw The Two Towers (Tolkien movie – The Lord of the Rings, book/movie 2). We loved it. Of course it doesn’t follow the book exactly, but does produce a wonderful product, faithful to the content of the book overall, though not in all details. For us, we absolutely loved it.

Better than Fellowship of the Ring? Can’t compare them. They are equal in greatness, sort of, both different, and make a cohesive two parts of three. It’ll be hard to wait the year out for installment number three of the Trilogy!

Frank and I went alone. Our neice Renee watched the children. It was nice to have a “date”. Not a usual practice for us at all. We go for the DVD’s instead of movie theatres usually. We didn’t see Fellowship of the Rings in the theatre. We saw it on DVD in August when it first came out via that medium. I’ve seen it several times, therefore, since we bought it, and then the extended version also … which is even better.

If you haven’t read the book(s) read them first. Then get the DVD of Fellowship of the Rings, and then the Extended version. Rent the first one and buy the second one if you don’t want to buy all of them. Then go see the second movie or wait until it’s out on DVD. Then wait another year and go to see the third movie. You’ll need a DVD player too, they are really pretty cheap now-a-days! And worth it for the movies and the extra content you get on the DVD’s. Cool stuff!

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