Cold temperatures, but Mild Winter so far

It’s cold tonight, supposed to be around 15 degrees F. That’s the coldest of the season. That means a mild Winter. No snow or ice storms as yet. We did have flurries this morning, but very light and not for very long. It rained last night, and the temperature was about 36 to 34 degrees, and the deck had some ice crystals forming on it for awhile. But the rain stopped, then the temperature dropped below freezing. No ice.

We have a heat pump, and that doesn’t works so well once the temperature is just above freezing. So it’s been cool at night in the house. We don’t have wood for the fireplace this year. Good thing it’s a mild Winter. We have a few more weeks to get through until early Spring, but so far it’s pretty good.

That’s our exciting news for the day!

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