Winter, spring-longings, and Winter again

It’s been a bit warmer for a few days, into the 50’s then the low 60’s one day, and then the high 40’s today. Nights have been above freezing. Now tonight it’s going to get much colder, into the low 20’s, and tomorrow looks to be a COLD day, and the night in the one digit numbers. BRRRRR!

There is a bush next door to our house that has leaves coming out on it. Bad news. Even our Pussy Willow bush, which we installed in the front bern last early Spring, is starting to show it’s fuzzy little do-dads in some places. Too early, not yet guys!

Well, January is the month that we’ve seen some Spring bulbs starting to show green spikes coming up, like Tulips or Daffodils … they take their time coming up, and have to, as there is still another full month of Winter to get through before the massive threat of freezing weather has abated. But I’ve not seen really the leaves coming out, like next door, this early. I’ll have to be checking our dear plants a bit closer now. Most of them are new, just nearly a year old on the property. The Summer was tough, and some branches are dead on the Dogwoods. We have to prune them back before the sap starts really running.

I also found one of our little tiny trees whacked off down low the other day. It’s one of the trees you can get from the Arbor Day Foundation, for membership. It’s a few years old, well, it was. Seem the dog must have chewed it off. It’s sticking up several inches from the ground, but the branches are all gone, and a whole lot of the trunk. Poor little Redbud tree! It’s one that I was looking forward to seeing this Spring, and seeing it really grow up a bit more this year. 🙁 So, is it beyond hope, dead? Don’t know. I don’t know that tree’s habits. We will see what happens.

I have some bulbs in the fridge, from my mother for Christmas. I have to plant them sometime in February, since they weren’t chilled until we got them in the snail mail system. I’m looking forward to digging in the dirt. So if the Winter weather would just do it’s thing and then go away for several months, it’d be nice!

Frank is promising to dig out my new garden for sure this year. I didn’t have one last year. I’ll have tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, yellow wax beens, and don’t know what else. Those are the ones I like the best. And we have our apple trees to consider. We want to do them as naturally as possible, but some spraying is necessary. We had a few apples that survived the season, last September. They were a nice snack for the family. Just that, not enough for anything else.

The trees that give the fruit are LIBERTY semi-dwarf apple trees. Nice, just taking their time getting into good production, and we need to help them better as well. It takes knowledge and $$ to do that. So we are dependent on Frank’s job situation for all our property improvements, like spraying trees, and planting vegetable and flowering plant gardens. So, maybe Winter lasting longer is alright, now that I’ve thought it out to this end. It’d give Frank more time to get a better job going.

Ok. So, let it snow! [none this year yet, so we are due!]

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