Month: July 2003

  • Summer observations

    It’s been a fast Summer. We are on the last week of July already. I’ll admit that I’m wishing the month away, hoping for better things in August [$$$-wise Frank]. But that isn’t why the month is going fast. Wishing time away tends to make it stretch out, generally for me at the least. It’s […]

  • Canning Tomatoes

    My garden is doing alright. Hence I tried some canning for the first time ever, yesterday. I have 2 jars [1-qt each] of tomato sauce, and 2 jars [1-pint each] of quartered tomatoes. Success! The lids are sealed. The only canning I will do is of high acid stuff, tomatoes and fruit, basically. I won’t […]

  • Cameras, digital or film

    I can’t get my digital CHEAP camera to download to the computer. It may be a bad cable, and I have no way of getting a new one. It’s that cheap Earthlink Xirlink camera you can get by subbing to their service, if you get that offer. I’ve used it often enough, it’s good for […]

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Frank, happy birthday to you! Frank is 38 today. That makes him 2 years older than me, for 8 days. 🙂

  • Gardening stuff, and more

    I sprayed the tomato plants with the BT Worm Killer just awhile ago. I waited until it was a bit cooler, not that it mattered. The whole affair just pooped me out anyhow. [I am quite intolerant to too much heat, anything above 70 degrees flakes me out in varying degrees … which makes the […]

  • Tomatoes – let the killing begin

    We got Bt Worm Killer, which is a liquid concentrate form of Bt, for the tomato problem. If I’d been able to diagnose the problem sooner, it’d have been a better deal, but since that’s not the case, I must accept the way it is. Damage, and more to come, but perhaps we’ll get a […]

  • My Tomato Woes

    Check out this post from the Egg Report today about worm eggs. My garden was doing alright, in some ways, but now my tomatoes are being attacked. I saw a worm coming out of a hole in the last week or two, and killed it immediately, it was very small, tiny really. A few days […]

  • Chickens

    I’ve been busy today with my blackleg Henny-penny, one of my favorites. I hope she’ll be alright. Well, this whole day was rather all about chickens, and nothing else. Stock up on learning, that’s what I do.