Canning Tomatoes

My garden is doing alright. Hence I tried some canning for the first time ever, yesterday. I have 2 jars [1-qt each] of tomato sauce, and 2 jars [1-pint each] of quartered tomatoes.


The lids are sealed.

The only canning I will do is of high acid stuff, tomatoes and fruit, basically. I won’t do pressure canning.

I really like freezing, that becomes an issue with the freezer not having enough space. We have a large upright one, and it’s full … I need to weed through it. It’s cat food or milk, mostly, those things both take up lots of space. At any rate, canning tomatoes is a fine thing to do, since you have them fresh in the summer, but no other time of the year, so commercially canned is all that’s available [don’t buy shipped “fresh” tomatoes, ‘cept for one or two if I’m dying for one out of season]. Home canning is just your tomatoes heated up, which you do when you cook that sauce.

Now pressure canning is another thing entirely. I don’t do pressure cooking, it’s abnormal and changes food, possibly. I don’t have a microwave either. Used to, got rid of it.

Fermenting is the way to go, old time fermenting and cold storage. I’m not doing it really, yet, but getting towards that time. If you are familiar with Nourishing Traditions, you’d possibly know about this method. I’m not able to do much of it, since my fridge isn’t very good for it. I’d need a cold cellar, root cellar, or separate fridge. All things for the future.

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