Month: August 2003

  • The Kitchen Change

    Yesterday we moved the refridgerator and the stove. We got the stove electric line moved too, but still have the refrigerator electric line and water line to move. We’ll do at least the electricity portion tomorrow, Labor Day, September 1, 2003. We have the fridge plugged into another outlet temporarily. It’s right there, but the […]

  • Anniversary soon

    Time is sure flying. It’s already August 19, which means Frank and me are drawing near to our 11th anniversary. It’ll happen on August 22. We’ve nothing extraordinary planned … still in the throws of poverty 😉 But climbing out soon, hopefully.

  • Septic fun

    We’ve had toilet trouble for awhile now. Thursday was one of those “ITYS” days for Frank. Cloggy toilets are no fun to live with. We have five people living here, all who use the plumbing. That makes for some busy rooms throughout the day. And since one of those people is not yet Three years […]

  • Sony Vaio laptop woes and fixes

    Computers. Ugh. Problems. Ugh. I was on my laptop this morning, literally using it on my lap … I moved it over to reposition my legs, and vrrroooop. The whole this shut down instantly, like it’s magical powers had suddenly vanished into thin air. Nothing would make it come back on. The battery was fully […]

  • Window Blinds

    We have Windows XP on both our computers, a desktop, and this one I’m typing on–my laptop. I found, through looking for something else online today, that WindowBlinds is available for XP as a shareware model, free download, and use as is. What is it? It’s a skinning app for your OS. I was sick […]

  • Catch-up

    Things are looking up for us, a bit. Frank has at least one, with more coming onboard soon, sub-contracts to work for people. This will possibly mean we’ll be doing better than before getting out of CMD, the company he worked for when laid-off-terminated in December 2001. We have lots of “catch-up” to play, but […]