The Kitchen Change

Yesterday we moved the refridgerator and the stove. We got the stove electric line moved too, but still have the refrigerator electric line and water line to move. We’ll do at least the electricity portion tomorrow, Labor Day, September 1, 2003.

We have the fridge plugged into another outlet temporarily. It’s right there, but the fridge deserves it’s own circuit.

It has made my kitchen non-backwards to do this switch. My fridge is now in the corner, by the door to the garage, and flanked on the other side with cabinets. It was a horrible spot to cook in, as this house was built for it that way. With the fridge there, it makes the spot look a bit small, but it works to get in the fridge and disturb no one else in the kitchen, AND there is a counte perpendicular to being in the fridge, which makes taking food out very nice, or putting it in, there is a place right there to temporarily put things.

On the other end of the deal is the stove. Now it’s down the aisle from the door to the garage, nearly right across from the dishwasher. There is plenty of space for someone to be at the stove, someone have the dishwasher open, and someone be walking through the kitchen now. Also, the stove isn’t positioned in such a way as to make one feel secluded, as it was before. My back was to everything when at the stove. Now, it’s part of life, with a long counter on the left right next to it and lots of open space. I just hated cooking in a corner.

The refrigerator is in that corner now, and it works. The stove opens up the middle of the kitchen now and it’s incredible. Now all we need is new cabinets to configure the space even better! And new countertops too, of course. Someday we hope to get that done. A new stove, new dishwasher and a new sink and faucet as well. A new refrigerator too, and retire the primary one we have now to second string, for particular things, like dairy.

Well, now I have a bunch of re-arranging of what’s in the cabinets. My kitchen is making more sense finally, and I don’t mind thinking of re-arranging it now. Before it didn’t make sense to to much of this or that, put that there, etc. Now it does. Positioning of stuff is important. It must feel right, or it surely all feels wrong, upside-down, backwards and worse. We lived here for nearly 6 years, not liking the kitchen space until the change this weekend brought. Whew!

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