Month: October 2003

  • Tom and Jerry

    My children were oohing and ahhhing over something in the other room, so I went to check it out. They had a Tom and Jerry coloring book of mine and were looking through it, and overly impressed with Mama’s past coloring of some of the pages [the ones that I had already colored]. I love […]

  • Photos from September

    There are new photos being added to my Photo Log. Take a look. Here is one from Asa’s birthday, 1st in a series of 10, his big present [click the photo to go to this series on my Photo Log]: I have some cat pictures already there, and more to be scanned and loaded in […]

  • Backyard Hawk

    I was sitting here looking at something on the computer, and felt a need to look out the window to the backyard. What did I see, I did a double-take. Red-wing Hawk sitting on the Box Tower, one end of the “Jungle” play set we have. I had a few frightening minutes looking for my […]

  • New Photos coming soon

    I recently found a stash of photo’s … something that I put away. I’m seeing these photo’s as if I’ve really not seen them before. The year 2000, December. Cute little children. So I’ll be getting them ready … I just have to decide which are what, since there are two rolls, both not developed […]