Backyard Hawk

I was sitting here looking at something on the computer, and felt a need to look out the window to the backyard.

What did I see, I did a double-take. Red-wing Hawk sitting on the Box Tower, one end of the “Jungle” play set we have. I had a few frightening minutes looking for my camera, it wasn’t where I remembered putting it last. It was still there, the object it was on had just been moved [rolling cart island].

I didn’t dare open the door, so what photos I got may not be so good. Also, I had my short lense on the camera. Figures. I did get my long lense on, but he flew away, said Russell. I looked up and he was gone. There was ruckus of BlueJays next door, aha, the hawk must be there somewhere.

I finally did spot him in a large tree over there, and trying to avoid the BlueJays. He took off and flew over the few yards and houses then to the trees bordering the subdivision and a junk yard.

Gorgeous thing, we’d never had one land, that we know of, in our back yard. I’m guess he’s interested in our chickens. They, as far as we know, are securely tucked in their pens. It wouldn’t be wise for any of them to venture out of any hole that appears at any time … as has been known to happen on high wind days.

Well, my adrenalin was pumping in Highest-Mode throughout all that. It was very exciting. I love looking for hawks when we drive through the countryside. They perch on trees and wires, and some days are easy to find many. Usually they are flying way up in the open air.

Ok so photos, if they are any good, they’ll be on my photo log later, much later probably. I have 10 pictures left on this role. They could go really fast. But there are 6 rolls waiting to be taken somewhere for development. Oh the expense of such a fine hobby.

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