Month: March 2004

  • Babyfour Update

    Please see the update on babyfour.

  • Brrr II and birds

    It’s early, and cold. We kept the fire going late last night, so it’d warm the house longer, and also make it easier to get it going in the morning. Good thing. When it’s down below freezing, it gets cold in here FAST. There’s a certain edge of chilliness that can’t be shaken from the […]

  • Brrr!

    It’s chilly, only supposed to get to 57 degrees F. today. Much colder than it’s been for awhile. It was officially Spring on Saturday (March 20th). We had our officialy recognized “Last Freeze Date” on March 15th. Yesterday afternoon it became chilly, as a front was coming through … which is introducing this chilly air. […]

  • St. Patrick’s Day

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to y’all! My Irish eye’s ain’t smiling yet … I’m too tired for that 😉 Maybe later, when we have Corned Beef and potatoes and a Beamish to drink. OK, now I’m hungry. (I LOVE corned beef!) I’m tired and feel so fat. But those are my worst “symptoms” so far. […]

  • Birds around, and the gardening I’m doing

    I thought it’d be nice to write about the birds and behaviour I’ve been noticing of late. Our big Cedar Feeder, installed on a pole in the yard for a few years, fell over on a day that was compassed by many large gust of wind, and the day after as well, if I recall […]

  • Clothing, clothing, baby and mama’s

    I am so tired of late, of course, being in the first trimester of a new pregnancy. I’m finding it hard to do so many things, motivation to cook is fairly nil. I’m not having “morning sickness” but just feel anti-to-making-food. 🙁 Well, that’s alway’s worse when the night before is a bad one, or, […]

  • New part of this site

    Click here for the newest part of this site. Officially opened on March 6, 2004 …

  • Fried eggs: the right way

    I’m making myself breakfast right now, and boy oh boy how I have missed my home laid eggs! I’m using the first two eggs laid, brown ones they are, and frying them as I normally do, in hot butter but on a low heat to gently cook them. They are gorgeous! We have bought the […]

  • Lion and Lamb

    Tradtion says that if March comes in like a Lion it’ll go out like a Lamb, visa versa. That’s what I learned as a small child in Pennsylvania. It’s not a useful saying in The South though. In any case, March 1 and 2 have been blustery, windy, but nice days. Lots of wind gusts […]