St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to y’all!

My Irish eye’s ain’t smiling yet … I’m too tired for that 😉

Maybe later, when we have Corned Beef and potatoes and a Beamish to drink. OK, now I’m hungry.

(I LOVE corned beef!)

I’m tired and feel so fat. But those are my worst “symptoms” so far. I’m going to find out if I really DO like corned beef today, I mean I know I like it, but will my body say yes to it is another thing entirely.

a. I’ll be able to eat it and eating leftovers will be fine, and I’ll love it and get more to make until I can’t stand the sight of it anymore

b. I’ll be able to eat some of it, but then be filled and wish not to see it again *ever* (which will change after the baby is born at the latest)

c. I’ll smell it cooking and say “I’m not hungry afterall”.

That’s how this pregnancy is treating me thus far. Desire for food or not, loving one thing until I don’t want anymore. Or plain just not liking some things from the getgo. I’m happy to say no nausea or vomiting, none so far. Intense hunger — yes. Intense tiredness — yes. Food aversion — yes. Get stuffed too fast too. I’m feeling so fat, so very, very fat.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My heritage is partly Irish and therefore this is one of my favorite holidays, but it’s such simple one in how it’s traditionally observed. Maybe that’s why I like it most. Meat and potatoes kind of holiday. 🙂

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