Month: April 2004

  • Time Flies — hatching due soon!

    The Eastern Bluebirds are due to become new parents this week, sometime between Tues and Fri or so, give or take, 12 to 14 days incubation. That began on April 9 or 10, so it won’t be long now! I’m amazed at how fast this month has gone. The Starlings haven’t been bothering the nest […]

  • Liberty Apple Blossoms

    Here is the best photo I took with the digital camera on April 9, 2004, IMO. It’s a closeup portrait of blossoms on a Liberty Apple Tree. It’s a semi-swarf tree, we have two of them, originally planted in March 1998 as small bareroot trees in the front yard, and moved to their present location […]

  • Eastern Bluebird’s 1st Nesting 2004

    Yesterday, April 9, 2004 I was able to document this years first nesting beginnings with the digital camera. On Monday, April 5 the first egg was laid, Tuesday, April 6 the second egg was laid; Wednesday, April 7 the third egg was laid; Thursday, April 8 the fourth egg was laid; Friday, April 9 the […]

  • Bluebirds 2004 1st posting

    Our Eastern Bluebirds built their nest, and had it finished in March. Since Sunday, April 4, 2004 they started laying their eggs. Monday there was one. Tuesday there were two. Officially this morning there are three little blue Bluebird eggs in the nest box. I’ll try to get a picture taken with the digital camera […]

  • Trying to do some things

    I’ve set my computer up again. I had it sleeping for the last quite a few days, totally disinterested in much of anything having to do with the computer. I went to a few sites via my husbands desktop during that time, but did very, very, very little. I forced myself to open my ‘puter […]