Month: October 2004

  • Lunar Eclipse; Foggy Mornings

    It’s foggy … again. Every morning for the last many, many days it’s been very foggy. I can’t recall this type of weather happening in past years, that we’ve been here. The fog is very thick. You can see ahead of it, but not by that much. Like the houses behind ours [about half-an-acre to […]

  • Cutie Cat

    Here’s the latest cutie cat in our midst: He’s much cleaned up-like now, but the camera is in “tempermental mode” again. He’s what I have hopes of getting “fixed” soon. He is very sweet, very, very, sweet. He started hanging around nearly two weeks ago, or more, and was injured looking. His nose, you can […]

  • Voting 2004 Election

    Map of Peroutka’s up-to-dateballot access We are considering “voting early” as we can do that in our state the week before the election … that is THIS week, but not the day of or day before the “actual” day of election voting. We will be looking into it tomorrow or so. For me I prefer […]

  • Scarlet the Acrobat

    I took this photo on September 25, 2004. Our slab basement [the house is tri-level so the “basement” is really a slab walkout right next to a crawlspace that is on higher ground] isn’t finished yet, and the cats love to get up in the ceiling area and jump from joist to joist …

  • More Computer Upgrades

    We did get a new MoBo (MotherBoard), an ABIT NF7-S, nice, but won’t work … due to … I think …. the Power Supply. The PSU, as it will be called from here on out, is what came with the ATX Case we already had. I was only upgrading the MoBo, but new that new […]

  • Computer Upgrades

    I was able to get a couple of new fans for the computer, the desktop one, that is. First off –a blue LED fan to suck in air to cool the interior space, glows blue when the computer is turned ON. This replaces the dull old ugly one that came with the case originally. Secondly […]

  • Cornell Third-Party Debate (Peroutka)

    Today our pastor is away in Chicago speaking at the church that had a conference this past week at which he also spake, so we had our pastor-filler-John_Carrick, whom comes often when our pastor isn’t there. Today’s message was on “The Glory of Creation” Gen. 1:1-31. Very lovely. In any case, we aren’t going to […]

  • The Lone October Tomato plant

    My one lone tomato plant, natural and give to me –not planted by me, given to me by natural however it was it happened … 🙂 The one I’ve written about before, I found it growing up where the hens had been stationed in earlier weeks, and I had caged it and it was growing […]

  • Happy October!

    Time is flying. Amazingly it is faster this year than ever before. Didn’t Winter just end, the sun just start being out more each day, when now it’s out less each day, and the temperatures aren’t AS tough, it’s backwards Spring. But it was just Spring. My garden is a mass of dead plants and […]