Cutie Cat

Here’s the latest cutie cat in our midst:

He’s much cleaned up-like now, but the camera is in “tempermental mode” again. He’s what I have hopes of getting “fixed” soon. He is very sweet, very, very, sweet. He started hanging around nearly two weeks ago, or more, and was injured looking. His nose, you can see the darkness in the photo, was all crusty scabby in bigger and smaller areas, as well well as an older injury on his side that looks like it is healing, but was nasty and untreated. Beyond that I was feeding him after a day or so of him hanging around, and Foster, our cat I HAD to boot outside, was becoming a bothersome creature, as the visitor kitty was seemingly more “at home” and Foster acting as “visitor”.

I sat down with the new kitty one day last week and saw some pinkish color on a front paw, and upon further investigation found that his right-paw-left-claw [thumb] was declawed … freshly in a wounded way … ugh. Poor thing. So that sealed my thought process, and in he came.

He a gentle boy, perfect candidate for grown-up male cat to be neutered and house-catted. If we can get him checked out at the vet soon-ish, he’ll be fixed up and introduced, eventually, to our current-foursome of Princess, Strider, Dixie, and Scarlet.

His name is Vivaldi.

He’s gentle, but oh so catty, needing attention, and singing and performing to get it. But his name isn’t for those reasons. It’s because of something else. My love of Vivaldi music and … any guesses?

Vivaldi is a pale tabby-pattern on top, actually a bit paler than the wonderful picture of him portrays. His front feet are white socks, his back feet are white short boots, and his tummy is all white. He has a beautiful white bib too. His nose is pink and his chin and such are white. White whiskers as well.

I gave Vivaldi a bath after I got him inside. He didn’t like it much, but neither did he fight me. He sure looked a ton better since that bath! He’s a beauty, I estimate him to be not very old, but grown-up.


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