Baby Q – 1 week Old

Our newest baby is now 1 week old (Born 06-23-2007) and doing good. His belly button is giving us a bit of trouble, due to a stupid diaper wrap that aggravated it one day last week, and so I’m fighting with the top edges to heal, which is difficult since I use different sorts of cloth diapers and most all of them end up banging into the belly button when Baby Q pulls his legs up, which then once more causes aggravation to the “tiny little wounds” and round and round it goes. It isn’t as bad as it once was though, so progressive healing is occuring, just 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. That sort of progressive healing. FWIW.

His cord dried up and fell off just fine after a few days, but that was a problem, no doubt, the skin around being quite delicate still, I bet, and that diaper wrap scraped at the skin … ๐Ÿ™ I haven’t used that wrap since (a Mother-Ease Rikki Wrap) and never particularly liked it in the first place when I used it years ago. I don’t like the velcro sort of closures. I prefer snaps.

The Stacinator Stretch Wool Covers are wonderful though, but I only had 2 of them in Baby Q’s first week, and so I did use that Rikki Wrap one day in a pinch and the rest is history. I now have 3 Newborn Stacinators; and 2 Small Stacinators for the future. The Stacinators are so soft and cute, and are quite great for Day or Night. If only I hadn’t used that Rikki Wrap at all … but I did. Chalk it up to learning a lesson the hard way.

Baby Q is an excellent nurser and loves to eat as well. He’s using me, seems to really enjoy me, and I am alright with that, most of the time, though it can get tiresome at times, late at night, but it all works out and then it’s morning again. I mean, I love breastfeeding, it’s been years since I have breastfed, and I’m right back into it just fine. This baby reminds me of my first baby, in loving breastfeeding and wanting it often all day and night, with no real schedule, and some heavier sleep times, but never when you expect it. Baby #2 was different, and we had colds the first month, and things were very different. Baby #3 was born “sleeping through the night” automatically and he was a breeze to breastfeed once I accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to be woken up to eat during the night at any cost (it took me 3 nights of trying before I gave in and just slept through the night myself as much as possible.)

So Baby Q is a normal demanding newborn baby, cute and lovely, and a good eater, wants it when he wants it, and that is that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m into “flexible scheduling” once baby is ready for it, not before two weeks of age generally, but not for sure then either. I await baby signals to how it’ll work out. I have put more into trying to get other babies on a schedule and have gotten more flexible with each one. So I’ll have to see how this baby’s eating “schedule” turns out.

I got peed on by Baby Q when he was about 3 days old, and then again a couple of days later, during diaper changes, but not since. Both times I was drifting, not paying good enough attention, though knowing I should be on my guard. Little boys. :rolleyes:

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  1. Kelly,

    Pictures? I’m way …. behind on them, hopefully I’ll get something on my Flickr account ASAP … and then include them in a post here … not that I don’t have any digital pictures, sure do, just getting them online es mi muy loco problema (just the doing of it :rolleyes: )

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